Lynn – About Lost Night…

Don’t worry – no spoilers on this post in case you still haven’t seen it!

We decided a while ago that we wanted to watch the “Lost” finale together by ourselves – no distractions. I’ve had some whole wheat pizza dough from Fresh and Easy waiting in the freezer for the occasion.

After letting it defrost and rest, Abe used the bamboo rolling pin from CSN Stores to make two individual pies.


Mine was cheese-free, with Trader Joe’s Peanut Satay Sauce as the base. Abe skipped the sauce and used olive oil and mozzarella.

Toppings – organic cherry tomatoes, organic zucchini (sliced very thin) and fresh rosemary from the front porch.


His and Her’s:


We cut each pie into fours and served half.

I whipped up a quick side dish using garlic and Soy Paste:


Organic baby bok choy from the farmer’s market, a little water (cover to steam) –


An international meal (just like the cast of “Lost”!) –


An organic nectarine for dessert. I am not a total “Lost” geek but I do have the action figure of “Jin” (when else in my life am I going to be able to own a friend in toy form?!) and brought it out for the occasion.


(If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my interview with Daniel about his diet!)

Even Julius watched. He’s as old as the show!


Mid-way through I sipped on some Decaf Coconut Thai Chai with Tempt Hemp Milk and Old Bank Honey. Sorry it’s so dark – we had the lights off while we watched…


Overall, I was happy with the finale (like I said in my previous post, I had no expectations so I couldn’t be disappointed) but am very confused. There’s a lot I don’t quite get, but it was still a satisfying ending.

This morning, I was actually hungry for breakfast at a “normal” hour – around 9am. The return of an old favorite!


I whipped up a batch for me and Abe – this serves two:

  • The last of the Bob’s 10-grain cereal, a little less than 1/4 cup (I am not crazy about this blend since it doesn’t get very voluminous like oat bran and won’t be buying it again)
  • A little more than 1/2 a cup of rolled oats
  • 1.5 cups water
  • 1 small, very ripe banana
  • 4 TB egg whites
  • About 1/2 cup sweetened frozen cranberries

Toppings: Just Blueberries Powder, Beach Bash Trail Mix, and Liquid Vanilla Stevia.


Time to walk and memorize lines!


20 thoughts on “Lynn – About Lost Night…

  1. Abby

    I was wholly satisfied with the finale until about the last seven minutes. I just couldn’t buy the world they created in those final sequences – just too many holes in the “rules” of that universe for me. My husband loved the whole thing, and we were up until 1 AM arguing over (a) what happened, and (b) whether it made sense 🙂

  2. lowandbhold

    I was dissapointed in the plot, but I have to say I was captivated by the episode the whole way through. I definitely felt emotionally connected to the characters. I just wish it had been something other than “they’re all dead.”

  3. Ameena

    I like the idea of putting the Peanut Sauce on your pizza instead of tomato sauce. I wonder how that change would be received around here??

  4. Anna

    I never watched Lost…but my sister is freakin’ obsessed with it. I think she liked the ending, overall. I love how Julius is really watching!

  5. greensandjeans

    I haven’t watched the last two seasons of lost but I’m dying to know the “truth!”

  6. Light Delight with Tou Tou

    baby bok choy ! they look so fresh and green 😀 I use to have a lot of bok choy , guess they are not as cute as these ones 😀
    btw, the rolling pan is really cool, I never thought of doing two doughs at the same time!


    that beach bash trail mix IS TO DIE FOR! it goes so perfectly on oats and for breakfast!! i need a new rolling pin, id totally get a bamboo one, and theyre not all expensive which is cool… u can find some great deals on them! <3

  8. Christina

    LOL that Jin action figure made me laugh! Every time I heard him in an interview yesterday I was shocked because he’s so convincing as a non English speaker on the show. I forget there can be such good actors!

    It took me a while to finally figure out what actually happened in the finale. I had to get some help from Lostpedia. I’m a little disappointed that so many island mysteries were left unanswered but overall it was an okay end!

  9. whydeprive

    I’ve never seen an episode of Lost. I think it would require too much thinking for me. I like my entertainment to be mindless. Lol
    That pizza looks awesome. Its amazing how good they can be even without cheese. Who knew?

  10. Justine

    I love making pizza at home! I love the tomato/rosemary/zucchini idea.
    Lost is a show that I never got into, but I have been enjoying everyone else’s enthusiasm about it as of late.

  11. Girl

    I can’t believe LOST is over, after all these years. I really enjoyed the finale. Of course I have a few questions (don’t we all!?), but think I’ll be OK. Never knowing the secrets to all the mysteries is kind of fun. ^_^ It’s sad to say, but I miss the characters already, knowing I won’t be seeing them or the show anymore!!! I’m not sure what show to watch now! *sigh*! Ok, going to read your DDK interview now… whee!!!!


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