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Christy – Edible Schoolyard

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You may or may not be familiar with Alice Waters who is a powerhouse in the food industry and particularly with her work in schools in California. She has been working with schools to create gardens where kids can learn about food, how it grows and try it for themselves. Just as importantly, she has given many opinions on how food should and shouldn’t be served and enjoyed.

I have been following her recipes and reading her books for a while now and I had heard that she was working with the Larchmont Charter Schools here in LA. But didn’t realize until recently that a woman I know (I babysit her two adorable sons sometimes), the talented writer Hilary MacGregor, was a founder of one of the charter schools and was writing an article about the whole experience.

Since I found out, I have been waiting anxiously to read it and she just sent me an email that it is in this month’s issue of LA Magazine. It is a wonderful, funny and realistic recounting of the experience of having the edible schoolyard. Since I am not a parent myself, it is much easier to read Alice Water’s principles and sing the praises of them. Hilary really brings it down to the practicality of day to day and the transformation that is required, and possible.

I thought you all might enjoy reading it. Here is the link:


And Hilary also suggested reading this article where other foodies discuss how to get your kids to eat better:


Lynn – Back to Junior High

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I’ve been up since 5 am this morning – I thought there was an earthquake because I felt the bed shake but there were no reports of one. Spooky!

Because I was up so early, I got hungry for my first meal at an actual normal hour – 10ish – and I was wanting something breakfast-y and weekend-y. Great Harvest bread was calling my name…


French Toast is actually one of the first things I ever learned to make, back in my 7th Grade Home Economics days. I soaked a piece of 9-Grain in about 1/4 cup egg whites, cinnamon, and a splash of Tempt hemp milk. Once flipped in a cast iron skillet over medium high (coated with butter cooking spray) I sprinkled on a bit of Just Blueberries powder we were sent from Just Tomatoes, Etc.


It’s basically just that – dried blueberries, finely ground – they added some tartness and color to the dish:


For dipping, I just nuked a few frozen organic blackberries that I added some Old Bank Honey to –


My friend Joy cultivated this (is there anything this woman can’t do?!)


I’ve been having some minor allergies, and heard that ingesting honey made by local bees will alleviate the symptoms. You don’t get any more local than Downtown L.A., where these bees live!


It’s amazing honey, by the way. Joy provided me with this free jar at the swap but you can buy Old Bank Honey in Los Angeles at Commissary or Old Bank District Market.

All together, with peppermint tea:


I was ready to eat 2.5 hours later. Not surprising, since there wasn’t much to breakfast and I’m usually hungrier when I don’t get enough sleep. After a long walk with Julius, I made some lunch. Still craving that delicious Great Harvest 9-Grain, I decided on a sandwich.

Follow Your Heart sent us a coupon to try their famous Vegenaise. I’ve tried other vegan mayonnaises before, but heard this one was the best. It’s made of Canola Oil, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brown Rice Syrup, Soy Protein, Sea Salt, Lemon Juice, and Mustard Flour.


There is a lower fat version, but it had a lot more unfamiliar ingredients in it and I figured I should stick with the original. I slapped one side of my beloved toasted bread with the Vegenaise (the other with grainy mustard)…


… and added some Applegate Farms turkey salami and a huge handful of organic baby spinach too.

I know, it’s weird to put vegan mayo on a meat sandwich…


…but it’s still delicious. This is grown-up version of my favorite lunch from junior high – bologna and mayo.

Organic baby carrots for crunch:


Still hungry! I had packed these snacks for later on (I’m going to shoot a scene for my friend Andrea’s web series) but I broke into them right after finishing my lollipop.


Betty Lou’s sent us a whole bunch of their snacks – they all look terrific – most are made from organic ingredients and sweetened naturally.  I was feeling the Apricot Fruit Bar today. It tastes like a heartier, thicker pop tart (which was actually one of my Junior High School obsessions) but are obviously a lot better for you. They’re also gluten free and vegan.

The clementine was consumed, just because it was sitting there.  I sense that I’ll probably be full well until dinnertime, but I’ll pack some more snacks for the shoot just in case. Enjoy your Saturday!

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