Tweats of the Week

For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

OfficialAudrina: …My dinner consists or kettle chips and organic dried apples! Everything is closed here

jeremypiven: Complaining about the food at the movie theater is like critiquing the acting in a porn.

AliciaSilv: so last night on set i had a veggie burger from burger king -cuz it was the only thing around that i could eat…

rosemcgowan: Went 2 see movie in Bulgaria. Interesting nacho/popcorn option at the concession stand….

JimGaffigan: Is it possible to say Worcestershire Sauce and not sound like you need to take a breathalyzer?

JudahWorldChamp: I eat brunch Tuesdays at 7pm.

TarynSouthern: Just made penne pasta with roasted brussel sprouts, spinach, and pine nuts. Thinking chez @jaime_king would like this …

k8_walsh: Ahhh, it’s sunday and the world smells like bacon.

TheMandyMoore: Dear Nola- seriously, with the food?? I may never leave. 🙂

wcruz73: I have a few weaknesses, but high on that list macaronni and cheese!

michaelianblack: Would the portobello mushroom be as popular if it was called “giant ground fungus?”

oliviamunn: Is it wrong to eat a burger after food poisoning? Cause I was told DC has the best and now I really want one….

KimKardashian: That cinnabun smell at the airport gets me everytime 🙁

candacecbure: Fried chix, pot pie, biscuits, mshd potato, & some ridiculously good desserts 4 lunch …Glad I’m not wearing a leotard…

SofiaVergara: With friends at dinner at Stanton Social. Fuuuuunnnn

levarburton: Treating myself to Sushi at my favorite spot…

paulfeig: If I put a hot dog in a taco shell, is that considered inventive or just misguided? ‘Cause they really fit perfectly.

Busyphilipps25: Microwaves freak me out. Maybe it actually SHOULDN’T be that easy and quick to heat food up.

LouDPhillips: Roasting a Turkey breast 2nite after searing it in bacon grease. The usual Simon & Garfunkle herbs…

PadmaLakshmi: Testing out recipe’s in my new line of bakeware- Bacon wrapped beef brisket phase one!

AndyMilonakis: I’m sitting on my frozen smuckers uncrustables, I hope it hatches soon.

JulietteLewis: Great meal after two flights 12 hrs.

tomhanks: Backlot Kettlecorn at lunch. Must be Larry Crowne! Thanx, Chef Robert. Hanx


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  1. Katalina

    kettle chips and dried organic apples for dinner?! how she survives?? 🙂 very interesting post!!! I enjoyed reading through it! 🙂

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