Christy – Leftover salad

The last couple of days have been filled with laughs! I saw Ricky Gervais on Sunday night, and then last night Jeff and I went to see Supper’s Ready.

Supper’s Ready is a stand up comedy night where comedians (both well known and newcomers) have 15 minutes each to try some new material. It is one Monday night a month (you can join their facebook page to be notified on their schedule) at M Bar on Vine and Fountain.

There were some great comedians performing last night, including Sarah Silverman! I love her. And it was really cool to see them trying new stuff – some of it was good and some of it bombed but that was the point. As a performer, I was really impressed. It must be nerve wracking to not know if something is going to go over or not – talk about pressure. It would be like someone coming and watching an improv rehearsal. If you like comedy, it is definitely worth checking out.

As far as food goes, it has been pretty boring because my days have been pretty busy.

I had quinoa for breakfast and leftovers for lunch. We made Salmon, broccoli and sweet potato fries for dinner last night but we didn’t have much time to eat because we were running late for the show. So today, I took the leftovers and cut them all up


Then I added some lettuce, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds and daikon to it. Topped it off with some Goddess dressing and Viola!


Leftover salad!

What are your favorite leftovers to include in salad?


8 thoughts on “Christy – Leftover salad

  1. saltytooth

    That salad looks great! I get really freaked out about cooking salmon at home (I don’t know why, as I’ve been told it’s easy). How do you like to prepare it?

  2. The Healthy Apron

    Ooo there are so many leftovers that I cherish in salads. I am making salmon patties tonight and I always think those make a good salad topper. Or if I have brown rice leftover, I will add some of that. Salad goes with everything! (just about…I suppose you wouldn’t want to add it in your cereal lol)

  3. samantha

    kitchen sink salads are one of my all time favorite meals – sometimes you don’t even need dressing from all the flavor bursting through. mmm.

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