Video: Cooking Chicken Stir Fry with Willie Garson

Cooking Chicken Stir Fry in the kitchen with Willie Garson from Sex and the City and White Collar.

Anyone else excited for Sex and the City 2 ?!?!  Willie Garson, who plays Stanford (Carrie’s “gay husband”) recently let us into his kitchen while he prepared dinner for his son.  Aside from being a highly successful actor (he currently stars on USA’s White Collar and has appeared in everything from There’s Something About Mary to NYPD Blue) Willie is also a restaurateur (partner in the popular Dominick’s and Little Dom’s) and quite the cook as well.Willie Garson Cooking VideoWe came over his house while he was making dinner for his son.  Click below to watch the video and get his recipe for Chicken Stir Fry.

Video: Stir Fry with Willie Garson


18 thoughts on “Video: Cooking Chicken Stir Fry with Willie Garson

  1. Abby

    Very cool! And very excited for the movie (though without super high expectations, after being disappointed by the first one).

  2. greensandjeans

    So funnn! I’m crazy excited for the new movie! If anything, it gives me an excuse to dress up and drink cocktails with my girlfriends!

  3. Clare

    Wow; This made my day! I think this is a great “Man Recipe”. This is totally something that my husband would whip up. Very cute.

  4. mayapamela

    AHHH! So awesome that you featured Willie Garson! I hope he’s as funny in real life. Actually, I moreso really, really hope he’s in the new SATC movie!

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