Tweats of the Week

For those of you who follow us on twitter, you know that we retweet what other actors eat or write about food – the good, the bad…all of it.  Here’s some highlights from this past week:

mindykaling: Will someone come to my house and make me a breakfast sandwich please?

azizansari: Hey tasty LA restaurants that open for dinner but close at like 8pm, FUCK YOU…

alilandry: Just landed in louisiana. My first stop a strawberry and icecream flavored snow cone with cream. Mmmmm

candacecbure: Rubio’s, Pinkberry and I are having lunch together on the patio. I’m really enjoying their company.

ddlovato: Homemade sweet tea is my favorite this in the entire world 🙂

AmandaBynes: i like candy, and when I say candy, i mean chocolate. I like Diet Coke, and when i say Diet Coke, I mean the beverage.

ninadobrev: Oatmeal goodness…mmmm

rajskub: Underated: biscotti. Dipped in your tea? I’m serious

Kellie_Martin: Awesome Hello Kitty pancake:

frankiemuniz: I cooked myself a Steak and Lobster for dinner tonight. I impressed myself.

josloren: My new favorite drink…ask 4 a light mocha frap from starbucks with a blended banana! Sooo good! Great for breakfast

DennisDMZ: Can you put a taco inside of a burrito?

kirstiealley: new favorite breakfast pleasure…Mr. Foxx..kidding…NEW PLEASURE is Jasmine tea pearls and English Break Tea MIxed! WOW

DavidSpade: i just saw a pizza box and last sundays la times in my living room. holy shit im a hoarder. im turning myself in

dannypudi: My meal last night was a greatest hits of Chicago: Pequod’s deep dish pizza, beer, and Mom’s kolaczki for dessert!…

kunalnayyar: Grilled chicken, pepperjack, red onion, chili lime aioli..pressed on sourdough..I’m going to f up this sammich like it’s 99

Busyphilipps25: Every part of my being wants to eat a red velvet cupcake right now. But I won’t.

michaelianblack: McDonalds might as well just sell a McSalt Lick.

oliviamunn: Dr Pepper fridge at my house!!!! Ah, love.

MikeWhiteMike: I’m at vegan restaurant. Bravo is shooting a show here now @ getting healthy. Penance for Top Chef meat mania?

Ali_Sweeney: I smell like salad dressing. Long story – but you will see why…

ConanOBrien: On my bunk in the Tour Bus, eating Doritos and watching Team America. Me happy.

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