Christy – Sleigh ride in the summer

My new favorite thing is to combine decaf chai tea with a bag of the sugar cookie sleigh ride tea and 8 drops of the vanilla Stevia. It’s like having a sweet creamy cup of chia but without the dairy or the sugar. It’s even better if you boil some ginger root in the water of the tea kettle!


That’s what I did this morning before my Kundalini yoga class at Golden Bridge.

This afternoon Jeff and I took advantage of the warm weather (or so we thought) and went roller blading in Santa Monica north of the pier. You know, it’s always just a little cooler than you think when you get out by the water.


Jeff had the hunger of a bear and needed something fast so we rolled into one of the many little restaurants on the Santa Monica paths. This one’s called Perry’s.

We decided on the turkey sandwich and a side salad.



The food was mediocre and overpriced but you cant beat the view. Also, the side salad was huge!


Hope your Saturday was sunny and filled with fun too!

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10 thoughts on “Christy – Sleigh ride in the summer

  1. Crystal

    Mmmmm…. I love tea! I’m addicted, but I’m kind of plain jane type of girl who just drinks a cup of green tea or something simple like that, but that sounds really interesting. I should try it or at least mix things up a little bit so I’m not such a snore. 🙂 I would have never thought to mix those two types of teas and add Stevia! Gah, Why am I so lame? 🙂

  2. luvtoeat

    I so need to find that sugar cookie sleigh ride tea! Been hearing such great things about it. Luv that you roller blade. Have a great Sunday!


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