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Lynn – Not-So-Perfect Pitch

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Random trivia about me: I have perfect pitch. Or, at least, I HAD perfect pitch. Last night I started rehearsals for a musical workshop that I’m doing with The Academy for New Musical Theatre this month. We were basically reading through the sript/score and I found my poor confused mind going into overdrive because I seem to have lost my perfect pitch! Or, I should say, it’s broken. I was transposing music in my head, simultaneously sight-singing too, which is not my forte (a little pun for all you music geeks out there).

I figure this is probably because I’m not around music all the time anymore – I grew up playing piano every single day, singing in choirs, attempting to play new instruments on a regular basis (oboe/guitar/drums/trumpet/tuba), going to symphonies/operas on the weekend, and listening to the radio/CD’s all the time. Now I rarely sing or practice piano, and all my free time is spent listening to podcasts and NPR shows.

I vow to bring more music back into my life again! Just like Maria did for Captain Von Trapp (a role I played in high school, by the way – Maria, not the Captain).

Anyhoo, I got back from rehearsal pretty late and ate a much larger-than-usual bedtime snack so this morning I slept in and was not at all hungry. I had an interview scheduled with John Cho for The Everything Acting Podcast so after we wrapped up and I took Julius for a walk, it was already 1pm – time for lunch food!

Yesterday I made a Salmon Curry Salad – this bowl made 3 servings:


  • 6 oz can Wild Alaskan Salmon
  • Zest of one Meyer Lemon and Lemon Juice (about 1 tsp)
  • 1/3 of a very large organic tomato, chopped
  • 1 TB Dijon Mustard
  • 1 heaping TB curry powder
  • 1/4 tsp. salt and few grinds black pepper, or to taste

For lunch today I spread it on some toasted French Meadow Woman’s Bread:


And added a few organic cucumber slices on top.

Too big!


So I ate it open-face style, with a sprinkle of Citrus Basil Seasoning and organic sugar snap peas on the side.


They’re not so pretty, but man they taste good – no need for dip or anything!


Some black bean brownie and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea….


Not surprisingly, I was still hungry, since I didn’t eat any breakfast. And, like magic, Fed Ex arrived with a package of something to add to my belly!

Because my husband and I are both completely ga-ga over their bars, Bonk Breaker was kind enough to send us some of their other products to sample. We’ve already tried the Peanut Butter and Jelly ones that I won in a giveaway, and although all their flavors sounded crazy delicious, this one was calling my name:


Like all their goodies, this one has a minimal ingredient list, filled with mostly organic and natural sweeteners. They’re also dairy and wheat free and seriously so delicious – probably our favorite tasting energy bar. We are totally BONKERS over Bonk Breaker bars (is that how they got their name?) – this PB and Banana flavor was freaking fabulous, reminiscent of banana bread. You can buy them at any of these stores or online – my Aunt found a promo code for 15% off, which would basically make shipping free – enter “Zmotion” at the checkout.

They’re small, but very dense…


…and I know from past experience that they’re quite filling, too. Even though my tummy was full, my mind wasn’t (I immediately wanted another bar!) so I sipped on some Sodastream seltzer with a squeeze of Meyer Lemon so the two could get on the same page.


Just a few sips did the trick! Now that I’m done blogging I’m going to practice some singing…


…I also have a piano lesson to teach in the afternoon, so it looks like I’m already fulfilling my music goals for the day.

Do you or someone you know have perfect pitch? Have you ever heard of someone losing it?!

Christy – ahhh, scripts

dinner - restaurant

I have been working on a couple scripts the beginning of this week for a reading I did last night and a booking I have tomorrow morning. There are times when we actors (well at least this actor) is busy doing all kinds of other stuff besides acting and forget how much fun it is to dissect a really good role and figure out how to convey it.

So I have been in my own kind of heaven the last couple of days working on these scripts. Glued to my computer…


And with very little thought to food. Have you ever noticed that when you are involved in something that really interests you, food fades into the background? I work with this a lot with my clients, bringing more things into day to day life that are interesting and that they are passionate about. So that food can take its proper place – something that you enjoy, something that nourishes you, maybe even one of the things that you are passionate about, but in the end, it is just food.

I don’t have any really interesting dishes to report but Jeff and I did do an appetizer dinner at Buddha’s Belly on Beverly the other night. Appetizers are Jeff’s favorite thing and sometimes we will go to a restaurant and just share some appetizers in place of a dinner.

Buddha’s Belly has really great combinations of healthy fusion food. We got four appetizers:

Ahi Tuna and Avocado Role (really good and comes with a small Arugula salad)


The Chicken Lettuce cups (not my favorite. I ended up just eating some of the lettuce)


The Chicken Pot Stickers (who doesn’t like pot stickers??)


And the Rock Shrimp Tempura (this was INCREDIBLY RICH. Definitely a sharing dish)


We were both really full afterwards. But I was craving some fried rice and they have a Garlic Fried Rice that sounded amazing so we got an order to go and saved it for the next day.

We heated it up and added in some broccoli and a little bit of chicken and then divided it into four portions (can you believe it made four portions?!).


Their fried rice is made with a Jasmine rice that is really yummy.

And it was perfect because Jeff and I had lunch and dinner and I could concentrate on my scripts!