The Daniel Dae Kim Diet

Actor Daniel Dae Kim is a good friend of mine.  Here’s what he had to say about what he puts in his mouth to look like this:

Hawaii Five O

Lynn: …so of course I’m curious… about what your diet is like?

DDK: I actually eat a lot of Asian food.

Lynn: Yeeeeah!

DDK: Living in Hawaii there’s a lot of Asian influence everywhere…you can go to the grocery store and find kimchi and kalbi along with your chicken and lettuce.  So it’s really an easy place to eat healthy, and it’s also an easy place to eat a lot of Asian food.   And the Asian food that I tend to eat a lot is Japanese so it’s low fat, it’s high protein if you’re eating a lot of the fresh fish that we have on the island, and it’s by and large…you know, not junk food.  Coupled with the Korean food that I eat a lot, it kinda takes care of the things that my body needs, you know, without having to be too conscious of calorie-counting or fat content, things like that.  That said, I love pasta…

Lynn: Mmm hmm!

DDK: …the thing with me is that I generally don’t like junk food.   I don’t like a lot of foods high in fat, like I don’t like cheese and –

Lynn: I’m not a cheese fan either!

DDK: Oh really?

Lynn: Yeah.

DDK: A lot of Asian people can’t digest cheese but that’s not the issue with me, I just don’t really like it, you know?  So I guess that makes it easy to eat a little bit more healthy.


12 thoughts on “The Daniel Dae Kim Diet

  1. tiara

    how funny, ” So I guess that makes it easy to eat a little bit more healthy. ” .. i’m not a cheese fan either but i do like it when it melts !

    what an awesome picture !! nice one 🙂

  2. luvtoeat

    Will definitely download the interview, sounds like a great one. Aaack! I love melted cheese. And love Asian food. Heck I just love food 😉 Have a great one ladies 😀

  3. sweetandsweat

    Wow this is great! I’m going to listen to the interview when I’m done with schoolwork.

  4. Katie

    Lynn that is so awesome!! I love him, he is such a good actor on LOST!!! I heard he will be starting to film in Hawaii again for the new show series Hawaii 5-0 !!! He rocks! So cool!!

  5. filmbeats

    Great interview. DDK had some great in depth and informative answers. I particularly liked his answers concerning acting in Korean and learning Korean (not boring at all). Although I’m curious how actress Kim Yun Jim helped with his acting and speaking in Korean since I think she was more bilingual than DDK.

    “It’s a marathon not a sprint”…hey didn’t someone say that in the movie “The People I’ve Slept With”? The saying was just as apropos in the context of acting as it was in that movie.

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