Lynn – What’s on the Menu?

A glorious night of sleep, a morning walk with the dogs, and then the cousins went brunching! Abe was speaking on a documentary panel downtown this morning, so it was just Noah, Maya, and me.

After weighing options like The Cheesecake Factory and IHOP, we decided on a non-chain restaurant that we had never heard of, but had good yelp reviews – Ronnie’s Diner.

Breakfast crowds are always a good sign:


We waited about 10 minutes before we were seated in a comfy booth. Our server couldn’t have been friendlier. I ordered the buckwheat pancakes with blueberries…


…they had real maple syrup available for an extra $1.75 but I just used a few packets of these instead. I prefer preserves!


They weren’t crazy loaded with blueberries, but there were enough that I didn’t feel cheated. I traded a bite of my pancakes with Maya for a bite of her potatoes…it was really just an excuse to try the homemade salsa that was on the table.


This place was a lot of fun – I’m glad we discovered it! Both Noah and I enjoyed our pancakes (he ordered his with bananas) but Maya wasn’t uber impressed with the eggs benedict (“soggy English muffin”). We’ll have to come back sometime with Abe and try more stuff.

Back to the house for some reading/script studying on the beach. I had some year-old Interviews sitting in my car (I love this magazine but it’s just so darn big that I never get around to reading it).


In case you’re wondering what that little dog is up to in the background, he’s digging for his ball….


Sundae got in on some sand action too:


Now we’re playing more Wii (we started a new game, Okami, last night that Maya is really into) and I’m trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. I brought over a bunch of products we were sent to review for the blog:


This pack of “Just 4 Nuts” from Blue Mountain Organics, a company that specializes in raw, organic, gourmet, sprouted superfoods…


The 4 nuts would be Almonds, Cashews, Pecans and Walnuts – all soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated – which apparently makes them easier to digest, and tastier too…


…this Bertolli Four Cheese Rosa sauce courtesy of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program


…and these Oregon Oatmeal cookies from Wow Baking Company


Gluten and wheat free:


We’ll see how they end up tasting….

I have a pretty good idea about what’s on the menu but I’m open to suggestions – what do you think I should make?!

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18 thoughts on “Lynn – What’s on the Menu?

  1. Lauren

    I love diners! SOmething about them just always end up being so much fun.

    Hmmm, what can you make for dinner. I’m guessing that sauce will come to use, but I’m trying to think of how you can incorporate those cookies into the meal somehow! 🙂

  2. janetha

    oh my gosh i love the digging photos. that diner looks pretty good! i bet you guys have a great selection of breakfast places out there.


    i love buckwheat flour in pancakes- its got such a grainy and hearty texture!

    yes breakfast crowds are always a plus.. unless ur ravinous and need to eat.. NOW! hehe

    i hope those cookies taste good! they look like they have so much potential!


  4. heather

    you could thin the sauce and use it as a salad dressing and put the nuts and falafel chips in the salad! maybe?

  5. sophia

    Oh, got to check this place out…I like how the pancakes come with little “tails” lol.

    Gnocchi! With the four cheese sauce, and fresh grape tomatoes, and spinach and basil. Simple, classic.
    Or….french toast sandwich with ham and cheese, doused in that sauce….like a madame croque!

  6. wendy lee

    It was so clever to take your cousins to a diner instead of a chain restaurant. I am pleased that diners seem to be making a comeback. Enjoy your new products.

  7. Chelsea Ward

    I loathe chain restaurants, it looks like you went with a nice alternative! Those products all look really yummy and intriguing. Looking forward to see what you made with them!

  8. luvtoeat

    Love brunch! Perfect time, not too early, not too late. But I agree with Maya, hate soggy English muffins. They shouldn’t be soggy until I break into my egg.

    Oh Julius 😀 My dog never dug like that, but when he was a puppy he used to try to eat everything in sight when we took him for walks. Garbage, twigs, leaves, WASPS! Even got stung by one…sigh. Long story short, took him to the vet, an hour and a $100 later he was fine. Dogs! Gotta luv em though.

  9. Ameena

    I have seen Roni’s Diner but have never had a chance to check it out. Buckwheat pancakes sound delicious!! And yes, great crowds area usually a sign that a place is good, although in the case of Toast that isn’t quite true…

  10. SinoSoul

    Non-chain diners serving edible food is harder and harder to come by. One of the more notables on the Eastside is Twoheys. J Gold noted them for their tremendous sundaes. Ronnie’s looks like a local institution. Good times.

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