Lynn – Catlina Day 2

Here’s the second part of our weekend getaway to Catalina Island. We were up early, lounged around in bed, and were still the first to hit The Aurora Hotel’s Continental Breakfast:


We weren’t hungry, but grabbed some stuff before it got picked over, stashing it in our room fridge. In the meantime, we took another walk into town. One of Avalon’s most famous landmarks is their Casino, which is really a movie theater/ballroom – not a place to gamble.

Unfortunately, it was surrounded by scaffolding:


We actually just saw an episode of Huell Howser on PBS where he gave a thorough tour of the Catalina Casino, so we didn’t feel the need to go inside. Not that we even had an option. Everything was sealed shut at that hour.


Back to the hotel for some breakfast.  They have a lovely sun roof on the 3rd floor where you can sit out and enjoy a view of the ocean.  Unfortunately, they hose the entire deck down (furniture included) so our clothes got wet and we had to use the hair dryer!



Became this:


  • Container of fat-free plain yogurt, sweetened with a tiny bit of NuStevia packet I had in my purse
  • Strawberries and grapes
  • 1/2 a crumbled lemon poppy seed muffin

After breakfast, we finished packing and checked out. It was only 11am, and our ferry back wasn’t until 3:45pm. The hotel held our bags while we continued to explore the island.

There are very few automobiles on Catalina, and everyone travels via golf cart:


I already knew before we arrived that I wanted to rent one. It’s a little pricey ($40/hour) but was totally worth it!


(Abe took some video footage of me driving the cart that I’ll edit/post later.)

After our little adventure I wanted ice cream. There are a number of places to get frozen treats, but this one always had the longest lines so I knew it would be good.


It was closed, though. What’s so strange about wanting ice cream before noon?! So we took another long walk, this time up to The Inn on Mt. Ada, another high point in Avalon.

On the way we passed by a pet cemetery:


It took about 30 minutes to reach the top:


We didn’t go inside the Inn; it was gated and looked intimidating.

Back down, Big Olaf’s was finally open! And a line had already formed, too.


Abe got a Root Beer Float made with Frozen Yogurt (his own creation, off the menu), and I got a kid-size scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Both were delicious! I think this may be the only place with homemade options – they also had amazing looking waffle cones, but my stomach didn’t think it could handle that.

What to do for the remaining 2 hours?!

More walking along the water…


Anyone have a clue about the story behind that?!

Our feet were getting ache-y and chafed; we decided to just sit and do some reading. I wanted to be in the sun, so Abe and I sat across from one another.


I alternated between memorizing lines and finishing up “This Book Will Save Your Life.”


For our last hour in Avalon, we ate lunch at Cafe Metropole, recommended by Mimi as a veggie-friendly option.


They have a very cute patio area:


I ordered a salad with romaine lettuce, chicken, avocado, cranberries, walnuts, and tomatoes…


…and used 1/2 of the cranberry walnut dressing. It tasted very fresh and was reasonably priced. Abe got an egg-salad sandwich that he enjoyed for only $4 (a much better option than the $12 one we saw at another place).

And that was the end of our little trip! We did everything we wanted to do, fully explored the little city, and were very relaxed. For folks who are wondering if you can make a day trip out of going to Catalina, I say a big, enthusiastic yes!  And for a longer stay, April is the PERFECT month to go – there are still off-season deals and the weather couldn’t be more perfect.

We slept on the ferry ride back, picked up Julius, came home, and unpacked.

*Poof* Back to normal.

I couldn’t be bothered to wrap my mind around cooking something, and I didn’t want to spend more money on another meal out. So I combined 1/2 a can of Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup that I’d won in Leianna’s Giveaway with 2 handfuls of baby spinach and 1/2 an organic zucchini.


On the side, a handful of these Multi-Seed Roasted Garlic Crackers that Crunchmaster sent:


They’re gluten/sugar/cholesterol/dairy-free and vegan!


The crackers were quite good – like a very well-seasoned rice chip.

A stowaway from the island – a navel orange from the hotel:


My Monday isn’t too manic, thankfully. Just an audition and a few errands, nothing that’ll put me into post-vacation-shock.

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  • Juliana

    Lynn, it seems that you had a great time, love the weekend getways…I haven’t been back to Catalina Island for almost a decade 😉

  • Anna

    What a wonderful little getaway…I love how mini-trips like that can refresh the spirit!

  • Evan Thomas

    That salad sounds like a great combination of flavors.
    I totally would want ice cream before noon! How odd. I think the ice cream places in Boston open at 8–God bless them

  • Simply Life

    oh that ice cream looks great!

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    I love the view from the Inn. And you look great in the golf cart! Looks like a great weekend!

  • Ada

    Yum, I love Big Olaf’s (they have branches in Florida too). I’m so glad you and Abe are enjoying a nice little getaway, Catalina sounds beautiful:)

  • Matt

    Sounds like you had a great time 😉

  • Kelsey

    oh i LOVE that breakfast idea!!!!

    and choc chip and mint- mmmm such good memories.


  • luvtoeat

    Great pictures! Golf carts are so much fun to drive aren’t they? Glad you had a relaxing weekend.

  • Kim

    I’ve had that ice cream (though mine was chocolate chip) and sat just where you sat :) We also did the golf cart thing. I don’t remember the pet cemetery. That’s pretty cool! Glad you had such a great weekend :) Loved the pictures!

  • Light Delight with Tou Tou

    awesome, awesome holiday 😀 I am so happy for you , the weather is so nice!!! I like that table cloth in Cafe Metropole, its sooo cute!!!

    I pass you a happy 101 award – you seems so happy everyday 😀 please share with us your happiness secrete ;-D

  • Lauren

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating ice creme before noon, or before 10am at that matter! :)

  • Melissa S.

    oh man, i missed out on so much stuff when i was last at catalina! i need to go back!

  • lowandbhold

    I’m so glad you had a good trip! You and Abe deserved it :) I have a huge craving for ice cream. Yours looks delish.

  • Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15)

    Aww, so flattered you liked my Metropole suggestion! I had this beet-squash salad and it was really good.

    I was on that Putt-Putt course too! My boyfriend was a bit drunk (hehe, fraternity formal)…and still beat me, but it made for a lot of amusing conversation.

    We were wondering if Olaf’s was any good, but never tried it.

  • greensandjeans

    I actually just finished reading that book! What did you think?

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      overall, i liked it but i was a lot more into the first part of it (and i did NOT get that ending)

  • Run Sarah

    Gorgeous! What an amazing spot for a getaway. Love the gorgeous view!

  • Veggielady4life

    Day 2 sounds nice and relaxing… and I agree with you about the ice cream before noon… 100% normal! :-)

    Hope your audition went well on Monday!

  • Jessie

    I’m so glad you had a good time, Lynn! Catalina looks lovely at this time of the year – perfect for exploring and soaking up some sun.

    (I have no idea about that jailed crutch??)

  • Christina

    Looks like the perfect getaway :)

    That chained crutch is SO weird!

  • Chelsea Ward

    Man, it’s been eons since I’ve been to Catalina Island. Your post has affirmed that I need to add it to my California Summer Bucket List 2010.

    Now that you’re finishing up “This Book Will Save Your Life,” what are your thoughts? Takes some shocking turns, huh? Especially regarding the protagonist’s son and the sink hole.

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      i have to admit i was a lot more into the beginning of the book and was disappointed with the weird ass ending!

  • Holly (The Healthy Everythingtarian)

    i have ALWAYS wanted to go to Catalina Island, and this post only further convinced me I need to make that happen. Like now.

  • Wendy Lee

    I used to have an ice cream store. Take it from me…it is never too early in the day or too late in the evening for ice cream!

  • DiningAndDishing

    Muffin crumbled in yogurt with fruit is a killer breakfast!! I had that exact combo this morning but ate the muffin whole. What a mistake! :)

    – Beth @

  • anutritionisteats

    What a fun weekend get-away, looks like such a cute place!

  • Anna

    Lynn- the Sweet Valley High book that takes place on Catalina is A Killer on Board :-)

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      thanks so much anna! i totally just ordered it on amazon 😉