Christy – Grains kind of a day

Today was a grains kind of a day. I was just feeling inspired to make all kinds of grains. We were out of quinoa which i wanted for breakfast, so I put a pot on first thing this morning as I checked my email.

To my breakfast quinoa I added some Perky’s Crunchy Rice Cereal which has a wonderful mild flavor but adds a lot of good texture to the otherwise soft breakfast


I also put in some raisins and some Foods Alive Flax Oil


Mixed it all around and Viola!


While I was eating that, I decided to go ahead and make the spelt that I plan to use in a salad tomorrow (stay tuned – I’m making the recipe up so it could be good or it could be very bad!)

Spelt takes a while to cook and lots of water. I rinsed a cup and a half of spelt berries


Put them in a pot and added 4 and a half cups of water (the ratio is 1 cup of spelt to 3 cups of water).


I think I may have overdone it on the water a little though because I cooked it for 55 minutes and there was still water in the bottom. The spelt cooked through though and tasted great. Spelt has a nutty, chewy quality that is really satisfying.

Then for dinner tonight, Jeff wanted to make a stir fry. You know, most of my clients and some of my friends think that I am always cooking. And some even think it must be challenging or relieving (depending on the person and their point of view) to be married to a nutritional counselor. But the truth is, Jeff does a lot of the cooking at our house. I do a lot of the shopping, prepping and suggesting, but he is usually the one cooking it all and making a meal for us. And he does a great job.

Tonight, I put on a pot of brown rice and Jeff sauteed some chicken using some of the Beyond the Shaker Hot Habanero Blend (careful when you use this – it has a pepper that can make you cough when you inhale during cooking!)


And some of the Little Sky Lavender Sea Salt


Together in the pan it looked like this


Then he added it to a vegetable stir fry of peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic, corn and peas. And a little more of the Hot Habanero Blend.


I put a little rice in the bottom of my bowl and then scooped the stir fry on top. The Hot Habanero Blend was not too hot – in fact it gave it a really nice taste, I loved it. I love these types of spice blends. They are so useful for flavoring food but not adding sodium. Most of us could use a little less salt in our diets. And I will be using that again (i’ll just open my windows while cooking 🙂


The stir fry was so good that I went back for seconds!


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  1. BlessedHi5Ive

    The stir fry looks very yummy – I’d try the spice blend too. It must be fun to cook together with yr husband. I just tried quinoa last week first time ever – aftr I started reading food blogs.

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