Lynn – Come A Long Way

Anyone know that song by Michelle Shocked? If I remember correctly, (it’s been a while) It’s about a woman driving all around Los Angeles trying to escape the repo man. It was running through my head through the latter half of yesterday, as I spent a lot of my time in the car (and had plans to see “Repo Men” too).

I packed a few snacks for the car ride to/from my audition.


I had the apple/lollipop on the drive back and ate the Protein Chips en route to our evening activity, along with a sandwich I slapped together in the hour I was home.

On Orowheat Rye bread – cucumber, grainy mustard, smoked turkey:


The “Repo Men” premiere was at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre:


This is such a gorgeous place for a screening. I realized this is the 3rd theater on the Hollywood strip that I’ve been to in the last 2 weeks, which is weird because we’re rarely here. I was in a “movie mood” and split a Diet Coke with Abe – can’t remember the last time I had one:


Abe and I both liked the movie – even though I am a bit squeamish about blood. That said, I just looked away at the gore-y parts and still enjoyed it.

The after-party was at The Hotel Roosevelt across the street:


At the beautiful Tropicana Poolside Bar:


There was an open bar and passed food, but I didn’t have anything. When we got back around midnight, I wanted something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Tierra Farm sent us a bounty of their products to try. Sooooo much certified organic yumminess that I cannot wait to dig into. Last night I sampled their Date Coconut Roll:


Here’s what’s in them – basically a combo of dates with shredded coconut:


I kept the coconut theme going with a cup of Decaf Coconut Chai/skim milk/vanilla stevia:


For a sugar fiend like myself, these rolls DELIVER. Much sweeter than any candy I’ve ever had. Yay.

Check out this article about me and the blog that just came out! FYI – it says I was bulimic, but that ain’t true. Can’t believe everything you read!

  • Vanilla

    Mustard + Turkey + Cucumber = Yummy sammie! :)

    I read the article. How do you deal with false rumors? I huess it’s part of the job but still. I think the pressure of being skinny is very true among Asians…”Every asian girl is a size 00!” Meh.


    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      Well in the case of something like this, it doesn’t really bother me – there’s nothing wrong with having been bulimic – but in general I don’t really care about what is said/written about me if it isn’t true. I guess I’ve gotten used to it over the years.

  • Ameena

    The date coconut rolls look great…dates are so sweet they really hit the spot!

  • tropicaleats

    ok that sandwich looks epic!

  • greensandjeans

    That sandwich and those date rolls look fabulous!

  • Daria @ Daria Can Cook

    I haven’t had a date roll in forever. They are so amazingly good!

  • theemptynutjar

    oh – does it bother u when the articles and stuff get it all mixed up? that must bug celebrities cuz then its totally believed – no wonder they sue!
    the coconut rolls look great. And that rye bread looks great!

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      nah, doesn’t bother me anymore – as long as i know the truth, who really cares? people can believe whatever they want to – there’s only so much i have control over. besides, like i said to babyvanilla above, there’s nothing to be ashamed of had i been bulimic. it’s not like they were saying i was a mass murderer or something.

  • Simply Life

    So fun that you were featured in that article!

  • Susan

    The Roosevelt looks pretty swanky!

    Mmm those date rolls look pretty good, although I’m not a girl who likes things “overly sweet”.

  • katie

    The date coconut rolls look yummy !!!!! I am so glad Abe had a great bday and you both had an amazing dinner it sounds like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the chinese theater is beautiful!! I walked past it, i have never been inside : ) so cool!!

    I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  • Lauren

    I adore those Date/Coconut Rolls!!! Such a great little treat and you are right, they are so super sweet, that one or two does the trick! :)

  • vanillasugar

    geeez i do love coconut, and I will take your word on this one. man those look good, and i need them to satisfy.
    i was bad today i had 2 cupcakes. i’m gonna post them to twitter soon. lol in case you want to see.

  • luvtoeat

    i so want a bite of that sandwich. have a wonderful weekend.

  • Kat

    OOOOH man, Decaf Coconut Chai?! Where can I get me some of that?

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      celestial seasonings makes it! i found mine at target, of all places.

  • fitandfortysomething

    what a beautiful theatre-how fun……interesting article-not bad except for the bulimic part!

  • Kim

    Congrats on the article! Journalists always get some things wrong, it seems. The pictures of you in the article are super cute. Love what you’re wearing!

  • Leah

    Those date coconut rolls look amazing!! I always stuff my dates with coconut butter. The flavors are so perfect together.

  • sophia

    You looked gorgeous in that article. But I wonder why they messed up? Did you tell them about the error? Bad journalism!

    Oh…and missed you today! :-(

    • Lynn at The Actors Diet

      yes i told them but they’ve yet to correct it. whatever – the NY times once said i was a ballet dancer! you would think they’d fact check that!

  • Can You Stay for Dinner

    Wow, the Chinese Theater is so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed yourself. The coconut date rolls look so great. I’ll have to give them a try because I’m looking for a more natural sweet treat!