Lynn – Come A Long Way

Anyone know that song by Michelle Shocked? If I remember correctly, (it’s been a while) It’s about a woman driving all around Los Angeles trying to escape the repo man. It was running through my head through the latter half of yesterday, as I spent a lot of my time in the car (and had plans to see “Repo Men” too).

I packed a few snacks for the car ride to/from my audition.


I had the apple/lollipop on the drive back and ate the Protein Chips en route to our evening activity, along with a sandwich I slapped together in the hour I was home.

On Orowheat Rye bread – cucumber, grainy mustard, smoked turkey:


The “Repo Men” premiere was at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre:


This is such a gorgeous place for a screening. I realized this is the 3rd theater on the Hollywood strip that I’ve been to in the last 2 weeks, which is weird because we’re rarely here. I was in a “movie mood” and split a Diet Coke with Abe – can’t remember the last time I had one:


Abe and I both liked the movie – even though I am a bit squeamish about blood. That said, I just looked away at the gore-y parts and still enjoyed it.

The after-party was at The Hotel Roosevelt across the street:


At the beautiful Tropicana Poolside Bar:


There was an open bar and passed food, but I didn’t have anything. When we got back around midnight, I wanted something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Tierra Farm sent us a bounty of their products to try. Sooooo much certified organic yumminess that I cannot wait to dig into. Last night I sampled their Date Coconut Roll:


Here’s what’s in them – basically a combo of dates with shredded coconut:


I kept the coconut theme going with a cup of Decaf Coconut Chai/skim milk/vanilla stevia:


For a sugar fiend like myself, these rolls DELIVER. Much sweeter than any candy I’ve ever had. Yay.

Check out this article about me and the blog that just came out! FYI – it says I was bulimic, but that ain’t true. Can’t believe everything you read!


22 thoughts on “Lynn – Come A Long Way

  1. Vanilla

    Mustard + Turkey + Cucumber = Yummy sammie! 🙂

    I read the article. How do you deal with false rumors? I huess it’s part of the job but still. I think the pressure of being skinny is very true among Asians…”Every asian girl is a size 00!” Meh.


    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      Well in the case of something like this, it doesn’t really bother me – there’s nothing wrong with having been bulimic – but in general I don’t really care about what is said/written about me if it isn’t true. I guess I’ve gotten used to it over the years.

  2. theemptynutjar

    oh – does it bother u when the articles and stuff get it all mixed up? that must bug celebrities cuz then its totally believed – no wonder they sue!
    the coconut rolls look great. And that rye bread looks great!

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      nah, doesn’t bother me anymore – as long as i know the truth, who really cares? people can believe whatever they want to – there’s only so much i have control over. besides, like i said to babyvanilla above, there’s nothing to be ashamed of had i been bulimic. it’s not like they were saying i was a mass murderer or something.

  3. Susan

    The Roosevelt looks pretty swanky!

    Mmm those date rolls look pretty good, although I’m not a girl who likes things “overly sweet”.

  4. katie

    The date coconut rolls look yummy !!!!! I am so glad Abe had a great bday and you both had an amazing dinner it sounds like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the chinese theater is beautiful!! I walked past it, i have never been inside : ) so cool!!

    I hope you are having a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  5. Lauren

    I adore those Date/Coconut Rolls!!! Such a great little treat and you are right, they are so super sweet, that one or two does the trick! 🙂

  6. vanillasugar

    geeez i do love coconut, and I will take your word on this one. man those look good, and i need them to satisfy.
    i was bad today i had 2 cupcakes. i’m gonna post them to twitter soon. lol in case you want to see.

  7. Kim

    Congrats on the article! Journalists always get some things wrong, it seems. The pictures of you in the article are super cute. Love what you’re wearing!

  8. Leah

    Those date coconut rolls look amazing!! I always stuff my dates with coconut butter. The flavors are so perfect together.

  9. sophia

    You looked gorgeous in that article. But I wonder why they messed up? Did you tell them about the error? Bad journalism!

    Oh…and missed you today! 🙁

  10. Can You Stay for Dinner

    Wow, the Chinese Theater is so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed yourself. The coconut date rolls look so great. I’ll have to give them a try because I’m looking for a more natural sweet treat!

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