Christy – NYC Rewind

Hey!  I forgot to blog about one of my dinners in NYC so I thought I would rewind back in time and recap it.

A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a dinner at Josie’s.   I have probably blogged about this before because we go there every time we travel to New York.  It is the easiest healthy place to go because no matter who you have with you, they can find something to eat and it is all organic.  Not every one of our friends will follow me to a vegan restaurant for dinner so Josie’s is a good compromise.

We met our friends Max and Christine there

Max and Jeff went to college together and then I got to know both Christine and Max while we were all working for Kids party companies in the NYC area.  Yes, this means that I dressed up like a princess and performed at children’s birthday parties.  Sometimes fun, sometimes not, but good money and the work is on the weekend so it is ideal for auditioning and bookings that usually happen during the week.

We each got something very different for dinner:

I got a salad with mango, cucumbers, tomatoes and warm macadamia crusted organic chicken (this is one of my favorites)

Jeff got the seared yellow tail over veggies (they were out of his first choice which was the pumpkin ravioli)

Christine got a turkey burger with air baked fries (Josie’s burgers are really great)

The fries were a little dry I must admit.  But at least they didn’t have any trans fats.

And Max got the turkey meatloaf.

Anyone in the NYC area frequent Josie’s too??

The Los Angeles equivalent I have found is Hugo’s Restaurant.

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7 thoughts on “Christy – NYC Rewind

  1. specialkphd

    Seriously? I haven’t lived in LA for 4 years now and still salivate over Hugo’s Tofu. Best meal of my life one day, and now I’ve visited TONS of places. Hmmm…am I missing Tofu restaraunts here? To be honest, the restaraunts in Germany seem pretty subpar. In comparison to Spain, France and Italy, even Belgium.

  2. The Brunette

    Ah, I went to this place after seeing it on your blog ages ago, and it was so incredible. The sweet potato spread they brought out at the beginning with the multigrain bread at the beginning was delicious, and every person at the table got something COMPLETELY different (steak, veggie platter, turkey meatloaf, pasta), but we all loved everything. Excellent suggestion.

  3. Carla

    I live in NYC and love Josies. For some reason the one one the Upper East side is way better than the one on the Upper West side. Its a shame because I live about 5 blocks from the West Side one. Their burgers are so good. Another place to try which is owned by the same folks is Citrus on 75th and Amsterdam. You can’t go wrong with any dish there!

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