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Christy – NYC Rewind

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Hey!  I forgot to blog about one of my dinners in NYC so I thought I would rewind back in time and recap it.

A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a dinner at Josie’s.   I have probably blogged about this before because we go there every time we travel to New York.  It is the easiest healthy place to go because no matter who you have with you, they can find something to eat and it is all organic.  Not every one of our friends will follow me to a vegan restaurant for dinner so Josie’s is a good compromise.

We met our friends Max and Christine there

Max and Jeff went to college together and then I got to know both Christine and Max while we were all working for Kids party companies in the NYC area.  Yes, this means that I dressed up like a princess and performed at children’s birthday parties.  Sometimes fun, sometimes not, but good money and the work is on the weekend so it is ideal for auditioning and bookings that usually happen during the week.

We each got something very different for dinner:

I got a salad with mango, cucumbers, tomatoes and warm macadamia crusted organic chicken (this is one of my favorites)

Jeff got the seared yellow tail over veggies (they were out of his first choice which was the pumpkin ravioli)

Christine got a turkey burger with air baked fries (Josie’s burgers are really great)

The fries were a little dry I must admit.  But at least they didn’t have any trans fats.

And Max got the turkey meatloaf.

Anyone in the NYC area frequent Josie’s too??

The Los Angeles equivalent I have found is Hugo’s Restaurant.

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Lynn – Worth Its Salt

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Behold: Our new eating headquarters!


The layout of our house doesn’t really provide a place for a comfy dining room table. So all of our meals take place in the living room, in front of the television. I know the experts say this is no good, yada yada yada….it is what it is. And right now, at this time in our lives, it is awesome.

This coffee table is perfect to eat off of. It’s sturdy, with storage space for coasters/place mats.   As I mentioned last week when we brought them M Cafe takeout, our friends Katie and Michael were extremely generous and donated this to us, since they’re making way for a more toddler-friendly one.

It’s uber high – which is good since Julius has been known to sniff around – but our old one was uber low so now every time we walk into our living room it’s like – WHOOMP THERE IT IS! I think it will take about a week to get used to, Abe thinks more like a month.

How long do you think it will take? I kinda love using this blog as a poll on our debates (you’d better believe I’m looking forward to “The Marriage Ref“).

We actually christened the table already, on Wednesday night (after we transported it over in the convertible – that was quite interesting). Dinner last night was a salad – I usually have a standard, rather boring one for my own lunches, but when Abe’s palate is involved I try to make them a little more interesting. This new product helped a lot:


Beyond the Shaker sent us a bunch of their seasonings to sample. Their salt blends are truly gourmet, like this Windy-City Celery one:


And they’re absolutely beautiful:


I don’t know about you, but pinching and grinding seasonings is one of my favorite things about food prep. The taste and texture of this salt blend immediately helped give our plain old salad some epicurean cred:


For more info about gourmet salt, Beyond the Shaker, and the two brothers who founded it, check out their recent interview on NPR (fast forward to 1:13, near the end of the show).

Also in this bowl were the usuals: mixed organic greens and some nuked organic frozen veggies (I like how the heat wilts the lettuce)…for a little something something I also added a hard boiled egg, vegan bac’un bits, Kaia Garlic & Sea Salt Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, TJ’s jarred marinated mushrooms, fresh chopped mint from the front porch (I removed a worm – ew), and out of the freezer from last week’s coffee-table-thank-you-dinner M Cafe salad, tofu ranch dressing.

Also defrosted and toasted was leftover cornbread.


Super salad! I was also pretty impressed with how good the cornbread still tasted.

What oh what would I do without my freezer? It keeps everything old new, like these organic grapes I’d gotten from the Farmers Market a while ago:


Steeping in the pot was something new – Pina Colada Rooibos leaves from Chado Tea Room in Pasadena; they sent a replacement for a batch that had gone bad from my friend Erin’s baby shower. I love fancy schmancy tea.

We watched some of the PBS series, “Faces of America” with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (remember when he was arrested?!). The episodes follow the genealogy of 12 renowned Americans – from Mario Batali to Meryl Streep. Quite fascinating stuff – it’s currently airing.

Abe left soon after to see a comedy show; I’m saving the Olympics to watch with him today so I took the opportunity to catch up on some shows that he’s already seen – a repeat of “Modern Family” and the pilot of HBO’s “How to Make it in America” – which was created by one our college classmates.

I enjoyed some Ahlaska cocoa (rice milk base) with the shows:


Oh yeah, we just got HBO. As if we didn’t have enough to watch. Good thing we can multitask with our meals!

News and Links


Some entertainment-related news.  As usual, we don’t support/condone any of this, just noticing what’s going on out there when it comes to actors, food, fitness, and body image….