Lynn – Send in the Clowns

Sunday was our last full day at the beach! A few readers thought this was OUR home…



Just to make clear again – we’re house/dog-sitting across town for our Aunt/Uncle, and this is THEIR amazing home. We’ve been lucky enough to do this a few times this past year.

Their kitchen is well-stocked with all kinds of fun goodies so I made myself a random tasting plate for lunch outside –


  • Leftover pork loin
  • Almond and Coconut Kind Bar
  • Stacy’s Multigrain Pita Chips
  • Dried strawberries and pineapple
  • 2 clementines

I read a bunch of old Whole Life Times magazines that I had piled up in my car:


This is a monthly holistic/wellness publication distributed throughout Los Angeles (and also available online). They’ve got some pretty good articles and local resources, though some of the ads get a little too new age-y for me. You can’t hold it against them, though – they gotta make a buck, and they are free! I really had a backlog collected – some going back to 2008!

Julius looked a little bored…


…so I took him for a 30-minute walk, while listening to the newest episode of “The Because Show,” a podcast I’ve mentioned before.

This one was especially fun, because it’s all about food and they gave our blog a shoutout! You can download the episode for free on itunes.

Last night’s meal delivery choice:


This was BBQ chicken with Turkey Bacon Collard Greens and Yam Mash. I left off the BBQ sauce (I’m not really a fan) and took off the skin, too – it was still super flavorful.

We “played” this game while we ate – “The Family Dinner” –


It’s basically a bunch of questions designed to spark conversation at the dinner table.


Another frozen dessert buffet:


I had a small scoop of everything with some blackberries…


…while we watched couples figure skating – how perfect for Valentine’s Day….


…though I did get mean-spirited and started making fun of the men’s outfits a lot. I mean, what was he thinking?! He looks like he’s bleeding neon pink.

But nothing could compare to the Germans:


I’m still chuckling this morning.

In between the Olympics we also watched the HBO movie “Temple Grandin,” a true story about the autistic animal scientist (played fantastically by Claire Danes) who revolutionized the cattle industry with a more humane treatment of livestock. Definitely check out this film – it was thoroughly engaging, educational, unique, and beautifully acted.

I was happy to see some hot cocoa in the house – gotta have my nightly fix!


We have a few more hours left here before we have to head back to our side of town for an industry schmoozing event tonight. I’m totally rejuvenated and am very thankful that we had the opportunity to do this – boy oh boy, we needed it!


38 thoughts on “Lynn – Send in the Clowns

  1. Kim

    I heard “Temple Grandin” was really good and that Claire Danes was awesome in it. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it.
    I missed the pairs skating! Damn! Thanks for the outfit pictures…made me giggle.

  2. Evan Thomas

    You guys are so lucky to be the sitters 🙂 Who would have ever thought that to be the case?
    I was not a big fan of the skating last night, but then again that’s never been my kind of winter sport

  3. Jenna

    Hmm, I think I would love to be a dog/house sitter for somebody who has that view!

    I love the frozen dessert buffet, you can never have too many ice creams or sorbets in the house!

  4. Cindy

    How was Julius this time around with the house mate? He’s had some challenges in the past having to share space with another dog.

    I’m looking forward to the Temple Grandin film too. I remember the NPR show with her from many years ago. Very interesting person.

    Glad I’m not the only one who gets a chuckle out of the figure skating costumes. =)

  5. candice

    Ahaha, I could use that question box times. Awkward silence? *WHAM* random question. 😀 You’re lucky to be sittin’ a house with such a gorgeous view!

    Not fan a fan of BBQ sauce myself. Much too sweet for me… I prefer Korean barbeque, thank you very much 🙂

  6. GurlOnA"Diet"

    I couldn’t stop laughing at their outfits too…i think their stylists hate the men LOL the chinese pair’s performance was stunning, and their story is heartwarming too. Def who I’m rooting for (even though i’m not supposed to, being korean…haha)

  7. Erica

    What a great place to house sit! Just gorgeous! Love the lunchy plate- I’m a big fan of a little bit of everything. Your hot cocoa is making me crave some…may need to make some tonight 🙂

  8. ksgoodeats

    Johnny Weir calls male figure skating costumes ‘sparkly onesies’ 😉 I LOVE that term! Guys really do get shafted with the costumes sometimes. I have to wonder what is going through their heads!

  9. Lauren

    What do you mean that’s not your home? LoL, I would have totally played that one out for a little while longer. 😉

    Glad you are having a great time Lynn. and I LOVE your method of having every single ice creme. This is SOOO me! I can never decide on a flavor and end up with a big bowl of a little taste of everything. Why not right?!?! 🙂

  10. Angie

    I’m so glad you mentioned the German skaters!! I was wondering if I was the only one thinking…what is with their eyebrows??

    Love your beach getaway! And love your tasting plate for lunch- that is my favorite way to eat.

    Have a great week, Lynn!

  11. MarathonVal

    Lynn, I’m so glad that you left a comment on my blog earlier because your new blog posts haven’t been showing up on my Google Reader… I fixed the prob and now I’m so excited to have your last 10 or so posts to catch up on! Have fun house sitting!

  12. Melissa S.

    love the beach pic…would say i’m jealous and want to be back at home in Anaheim to hit up the beach…but Miami is treating me nicely out here in the east. 😉

    i’m going to have to check out those podcasts..i need something new!

  13. Can You Stay for Dinner

    Wow, so many great things in this post- food looks dynamite! I loooove podcasts so I’m glad to know of another good one to check out. And thanks for the movie review! I’m sort of sad that you’re leaving that house because it’s just so damn pretty!

  14. whydeprive

    Haha I love making fun of some of the costumes! They get pretty ridiculous. Am I the only one who misses Elvis Stojko and his jeans? That is a manly figure skater!

    Love the frozen dessert buffet! That is such a good idea!

  15. greensandjeans

    My mom has been going through a bunch of boxes so she is going to let me know if she comes across that tape!

  16. Special K

    I have a friend who SWEARS by those kind bars…I am wondering if there are homemade versions of them with rice syrup; or something…
    and the beach! The best thing to read at the beach is definitely a magazine!

  17. fitandfortysomething

    What a perfect day and what a view! I wonder if I would leave that spot at all if I was there?

    I really like Kind bars too.

    Thank you for the vegan restaurant options… sis and I want to do something fun for my b-day lunch coming up.

    Have a great day!

  18. BlessedHi5Ive

    We missed the figure skatng but had fun celebrating CNY with family and friends in Orange Co. And a baby birthday too at Goofy Kitchen in Disney Hotel although the food is so geared for children under 10. Loved the new bakery 85*C Bakery in Irvine. Gained 3 lbs just this wkend. Housesitting at the beach house sounded fabulous but I bet you 2 (& Julius too) are glad to be back home.

  19. lynnchenrocks

    Lynn you’re killing me with all those desserts. Kudos to you for only having a little of everything! I must go get me some coconut sorbet now (still drooling as I type). Glad you guys enjoyed your longweekend.

  20. katie

    Oh Lynn , girl after my own heart, loving all the icecream and that you sampled each!!

    How fun to be housesitting and dogsitting and wow right near the beach@! amazing!!!

    I was watching the figure skating too and laughing at the outfits ! lol!!! too funny!!

    Have a great day! xoxo

  21. kellieatsforfun

    Looks like you guys had a great time 🙂 I’m curious (I think you’ve addressed this, but I couldn’t find the post) about what vitamins you take and how often you take them. I currently take a Calcium+Vitamin D, BeneFiber, Women’s One a Day, and an Omega-3 (special variety for eye health), but feel like there are some great supplements I’m missing out on. Keep up the great work!

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