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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! Hope you are all enjoying this loving day with yourself and with others.

Last night, Jeff and I headed to Brooklyn to meet some friends, one of which is a fellow counselor that I went to nutrition school with, Debra. She is also an amazing personal trainer that I was lucky enough to work with when I was living in NYC.

She and her husband Evan just moved to Brooklyn and we were so excited to go see their place and eat at a local restaurant.

There are tons of great spots in Park Slope for the health conscious (we passed by a place called the Tea Lounge which is adorable and I totally wanted to go in). We decided on a place called The V Spot.


It is this adorable Vegan cafe with lots of comfort food options. We got a bunch of appetizers to split, including Kale Tostada which is kale, beans, avocado and salsa on top of a crunchy tortilla. This was my favorite!!


Spring Rolls with veggies and rice paper wrap


Nori Rolls


Plantain chips


Nachos with vegan cheese (they use Daiya), beans, guac, salsa and vegan sour cream


And I added a salad to my dinner; some of the others had soup too.


Some silly antics at the table


I really loved the cafe. The food wasn’t amazing but it was good and satisfying and I did not miss the meat at all.

OH! – and coming soon, I will give you the scoop on something amazing that Debra has created…stay tuned….

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  1. ginamastrog

    Wow, those plantain chips sound delish! I loved Park Slope, and I always think what a shame it is that I never really got to experience all of the awesome eateries there. This Cafe looks wonderful, glad you had such a good time. 🙂


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