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January 31, 2010

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Last night I cooked the package of Multi Grains I picked up at 99 Ranch Market in a 50/50 mixture of Pom Juice and veggie broth. While that simmered, I sauteed a whole onion and some black beans in some olive oil and garlic powder.

An hour later, everything mixed together, to form a super-antioxidant-packed beans and rice (and sorghum, barley, buckwheat, oat) dish:


I topped it with Asian frozen veggie mix, nuked with a tablespoon of Kimlan Soy Paste and a squirt of Sriracha:


Really delicious! If you’ve never cooked grains in juice before, you should definitely try it. The pomegranate juice gave them a sweet taste, which balanced nicely with the salty veggies. We’ve got leftovers for days.

For dessert I ripped open some Kaia Buckwheat Granola:


Very impressive and minimal ingredient list. All organic, raw, and naturally sweetened:


They come in huge chunks, which I love. I tried a few pieces with a Redlands orange:


I don’t know how to describe this, because it didn’t really taste like granola (or anything else I’ve ever had for that matter). That said, I am ga-ga about this product. Absolutely bonkers. Perhaps the most unique snack I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing? Am I hyping it up too much?! I’m just so excited because I feel like I’ve made a huge new discovery that I feel so strongly about!

I’m Lynn Chen and I approve this granola!

It’s kinda like a crispy fruit leather, with added crunch from the seeds and nuts. But the spices are perfection – I can’t imagine how one would eat this as a cereal (like the package suggests) but I can’t wait to find out!

We got all snuggly with some Hot Chocolate and an old movie…


…”The Fortune Cookie.” Had never seen it before but how can you go wrong with Billy Wilder?! I was relieved that there wasn’t any stereotypical Asian stuff in it (considering the title and the time period, it was a definite risk). Would I recommend it? Highly.

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