Christy – Holiday wind down

Today was our last full day with our family.  We have had a full holiday – visiting family in Indiana and then having family here in LA with us.  It has been fun but food wise, there is always a lot of eating out when I am traveling or when people visit and I find that my body gets a little overwhelmed.  So I am looking forward to slowing down that part of life starting tomorrow.

For breakfast, we made a big breakfast of scrambled eggs with dill, steamed bok choy, sliced avocado and “french toast” made with whole grain bread dipped in egg and pan fried.

I put out honey and maple syrup for the french toast

We decided to go to Venice Beach and walk around today so I packed a salad for lunch – lettuce, black beans, rice, tomatoes, corn, onions

We had dinner with my brother in law, niece and nephew – sushi.

And tonight has been a night of board games and cupcakes the size of my hand from Crumbs.

My new favorite board game is Quelf

Everyone picks a creatively named character like Super Ninja Monkey or Mrs. Pickelfeather.  And everyone moves around the board trying to be the first to get around.  Each color you land on corresponds with a color of card that you draw and do an activity like trivia, acting something out, and my favorite part – the Roolz.  The Roolz are things like “whenever someone’s phone rings, everyone has to stand up and yell pizza party”.   It was so fun to have the whole family acting crazy and laughing and enjoying each other.  Here are some pics:

Elise thinking of a trivia answer

Tom dancing like a prison guard with his knees glued together

I am acting out my super ninja monkey cat


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