Vegetarian Cheesesteak at Sabrina’s Cafe

A full day in Philadelphia, including a vegetarian cheesesteak at Sabrina’s Cafe.

After blogging yesterday I was so cold, I did the unthinkable – I got on a treadmill past noon.

I’m a morning-only exercise person; the more the day goes on (and the more I’ve eaten) the lazier I get and the less I want to do anything strenuous. But to take the chill out of my bones, I walked about 1.5 miles while watching s’more of “The Big Lebowski.”


For dinner, Wendy set out a make-your-own-salad buffet, filled with all kinds of goodies from Di Bruno Brothers – broccoli rabe, eggplant, mozzarella, asparagus, artichoke, shrimp, potatoes, mushrooms, crab, eggs, and chicken cutlets….


My first plate has a little of everything, plus some hummus. And some terrific bread from Zingerman’s, a gourmet store in Ann Arbor where you can order online (Drew Barrymore is apparently a fan).




Mid-meal, Wendy remembers the porchetta and mortadella – I have a small slice of each on another hunk of bread.


For dessert Anna brings over some hot cocoa and homemade mint marshmallows from her co-worker.


I have some peppermint tea and one of the marshmallows, which is delicious!


We all watch the documentary “Yes Men Fix the World” which highlights the evils of certain corporations. Wendy immediately regrets buying the Truvia (manufactured by one of those companies).  So we’re going to return it today.

Before bed I have a cup of cocoa, but this is some Nestle Fat Free Cocoa mix brought from my parents’ home in NJ.


First thing today I finish up “The Big Lebowski” with another 1.5 miler on the treadmill. A lot of you said you haven’t seen it yet – and DUDE – you really should!

Followed by the same breakfast as yesterday (except without the cacao nibs, and I sweetened it with NuNaturals):


Then we were off to food shop! I’m making dinner tonight for the whole gang. First we hit South Philly’s Italian Market so Abe could interview some locals for work.


I pick up some avocados here since they were nice and ripe.  Though the woman did yell at another customer for squeezing them, which I thought was uncalled for.


The wait for nearby Sabrina’s Cafe isn’t too bad so we decide to stop there for lunch.


The cozy place is packed to the gills!


I see that the portions were humongous so I ask Abe if he wants to split something. Since we’re having an early dinner tonight. We open the menu and immediately see this!


When else are we going to get the chance to have a Vegetarian Philly Cheese Steak on a Sarcone’s roll? The friendly waitress is awesome about letting us split it – they even bring it out on separate plates for us!


With sweet potato fries and the “daily side” – cabbage and apple slaw. The fries come dusted with powdered sugar, which makes them taste a bit like funnel cake. The slaw is crispy and tasty too, but the real amazement is the sandwich:


So so so so so so so good! Abe is really happy too.

I trade a bite with my father-in-law’s BLT (not on the menu, but they made it anyways!)


After our marvelous lunch (which leave us stuffed, despite the fact that we all shared) we hit Whole Foods to pick up the ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

Eeek! It’s actually already time to start cooking!


21 thoughts on “Vegetarian Cheesesteak at Sabrina’s Cafe

  1. Estela @ Weekly Bite

    I’m a morning only workout person only! the longer I wait, the more I just put it off…

    That cheese steak looks incredible!

  2. anna

    Oh my! That ‘cheesesteak’ looks delicious. Sarcone’s rolls are the best in Philly. I’m jealous of your yummy lunch. Sabrina’s is great, but the line on the weekends is not worth it; you guys got lucky. Can’t wait to see what dinner has in store.

  3. Daria @ Daria Can Cook

    I don’t know if you’ve ever watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but there’s an episode involving the Italian market that cracks me up.

    I can’t believe how good that vegetarian cheese steak looks!

  4. Evan Thomas

    That lunch–wow! I am full right now and yet would scarf that down if it were in front of me.
    Homemade marshmallows sound so fun(I bet they’re a ton of trouble to make, unfortunately)

  5. Danielle

    I’m a morning work-out person only if I’ve got decent sized breakfast in me. I always squeeze the avocados lol. You have to know if they’re ripe!

  6. Anna

    Ummm, homemade mint marshmallows? Yes please!!!

    This is definitely making me want to plan a trip to Philadelphia. Since moving to Altoona this summer, my hub and I still haven’t visited. We need to get over there, apparently!!

  7. Susan

    Oh man, I woulda been all ovah that veggie cheesesteak! With a side of sweet-p fries, how can you go wrong?
    Glad you’re having so much fun in Philly!

  8. Suzanne

    I hope you’re able to keep warm! The weather is not so great or warm on the west coast today either. Its been raining all afternoon…

    I would love to try a vegetarian philly cheese sandwich– yours looks good!

  9. Marisa (Loser for Life)

    So glad you got to visit the Italian Market and DiBruno Brothers! Their cheese selection is amazing!

    Gotta love a Sarcone roll! The best! Everything looks delicious!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Alison

    Great looking food! Speaking of documentaries, I heard about a really interesting one the other day called “the unmistaken child” about the search for a reincarnated lama. Have you heard of it?

    What are your favorite documentaries? I haven’t seen a whole lot but I do like the genre. Unfortunately the only one I can think of right now is Food Inc (which was good.) Oh, and Spellbound.

    1. Lynn at The Actors Diet Post author

      i’ve never heard of that doc! docs are great – you should check out “mad hot ballroom” “american teen” “buena vista social club” and “anvil: the story of anvil” which are some of my faves.

  11. dorothy

    agh ive been craving marshmallows like crazy lately but i dont wanna buy the crappy storebought ones. homemade + MINT(!) = amazing 🙂

    yay for well priced avocadoes hehe

    hm sweet p fries with sugar.. yum

  12. Maria

    The vegetarian philly sandwich sounds delicious! The bread looks incredible!

    I’m a morning exercise person too, especially cardio. I have a yoga class I go to in the evenings, but I often make excuses not to go. I never make excuses in the morning though!

  13. dianacheung

    WTF powdered sugar on sweet potatoe fries!!! I actually want to go visit philly and boston this upcoming year. Thanks for your food/restaurant posts!

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