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Let’s see….when we last met, I was about to head over to the Q & A session for “White on Rice” at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. I munched on a ginormous organic pear from home first.

The Q & A crowd was very lively and my co-stars Hiroshi/Nae had everyone in stitches. After a lot of picture taking and autograph signing, I was pretty zonked. So I skipped the after-party downtown, got in my PJ’s and zzzzzz…..

Until some drunk people woke me up in the hallway. It wasn’t a terrific night’s sleep; I was up around 6:45 am. By the time I journaled, checked email, got dressed, etc. it was already 9. Where does the morning go?

We drove to Big Kitchen, where we always go for breakfast whenever we’re in San Diego.

We found this place through Rachael Ray’s $40 a Day years ago and fell in love with it. The last time we came here I had a chat with the owner, Judy “The Beauty” Forman, and we were convinced she and Abe are probably related (both having the same unique spelling of their last names). She actually looks like she could be related to Abe’s mother, and also has a similar strong activist side, as evidenced by all the wall paraphernalia:

Whoopi Goldberg used to work here! You can order her fave off the menu (two eggs, four pieces of bacon, and grilled potatoes).

It’s a very fun, cozy vibe inside but since we had this guy with us…

…we had to sit in the front outside, and unfortunately they weren’t serving food there (only coffee).

So we ordered everything to-go.

I got an egg white scramble with spinach and shrooms, whole wheat toast, and fruit (which I split with Abe) instead of potatoes.

I put the eggs on toast and with a dollop of their terrific house-made hot sauce for every single bite.

Then we headed to Nate’s Point Dog Park to let Julius run around a bit.

Unfortunately, he went a**hole on an innocent French Bulldog puppy so that was the end of that. Soon after Hallie (of “Healthy Twists“) showed up for my first blogger meeting!

How adorable is she? We had a nice long walk through Balboa Park; being a San Diego native, she showed us all sorts of areas we’ve never discovered before.

Look whose rose grows here!

It was nice to finally put a face to the blog – thanks for a fun morning, Hallie!

We had been on our feet for 2 hours in the heat so we headed straight back to our hotel room. Abe was still full from his omelet but I was a bit peckish. There’s a big Film Festival Gala Awards Dinner tonight so I decided on having two small snacks, rather than lunch.

Some Newman’s Own Organics Spelt Pretzels:

And a banana I grabbed yesterday from the festival’s hospitality lounge:

“How is ‘spelt’ spelt?” Abe just asked me.

He and Julius took naps but I’m a bit too wired to sleep. I don’t know what to do with myself, actually. I had planned on seeing a movie at the festival this afternoon but I don’t think it’s going to work out time-wise between now and when I have to get gussied up. Maybe I’ll try reading and meditating or something. But I’ll probably just end up surfing the net and looking at food blogs.

Speaking of which…check out my interview on Angie’s site!

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