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Rob over at Sodastream sent over an exciting product to try out – a sparkling water/soda maker! My hubby Abe has gone ga-ga over it so I asked if he wanted to do a guest review. I’ll be back at the end of the post to add in my two cents; take it away, honey!

Hi, this is Abe here, AKA FilmingDocs, to talk about our wonderful new seltzer maker from SodaStream. I had never heard about home seltzer makers until my friends Jake and Jen got one and I have to admit, I was pretty jealous. Ever since I was little, I’ve been a fan of the simple sparkly stuff. My grandparents used to have the large blue glass bottles of seltzer delivered in a wooden crate to their apartment in Philadelphia. I still remember pressing hard on the silver tap, and drinking that refreshing taste of fizz that is far stronger than anything you can buy in the supermarket. Right before we got our Sodastream machine, I was reading a great article about one of the last seltzer deliverymen in Brooklyn in the New York Times. That made me very excited to try this new device and see how it compared to my childhood memories of the seltzer from the blue glass bottle.

This is what I did to set up the machine and try out my first homemade glass.

Here’s the muscle behind the machine, a CO2 tank that’s almost as large as my dog.

I took off the back of the SodaStream and screwed the tank into place.

Then filled up a bottle with plain old water, just waiting to spice that sh*t up.

Fill it to the line and refrigerate.

Once cold, I removed the top…

…then screwed it into place on the machine…

…made sure it was locked in (since I did have one little drenching incident once at my friends’ house, due to a poorly secured bottle).

The recommendation is to press the button on top 3 times for a normal amount of carbonation. I went for 5 presses, since I wanted it close to the strength of the seltzer I remembered from childhood.

The button presses are pretty loud, enough to scare my dog, but I was worried it didn’t work since the bubbles didn’t appear until after I tilted the bottle to remove it from the machine:

I tried a glass and was very pleased with it, the bubbles were nice and loud as they appeared in my glass, like a potion from some kind of seltzer wizard. In fact, if I was marketing this product, that’s what I’d call it- “Seltzer Wizard.” And let’s just say, I have been under its spell since my first glass. I’ve finished two large bottles in 24 hours and even started experimenting with some of the flavors you see below.

Diet Ginger Ale, which I tried one glass of.

I loosely measured what seemed like an appropriate amount of syrup.

Check it out, it actually looks like ale! It’s funny how something as simple as making your own carbonated beverage can be endlessly entertaining. At least to me.

It tasted pretty good, but I’m still into the plain unadulterated seltzer. I think I’ve heard somewhere that too much carbonation isn’t so good for your bones, but then again, my grandmother is 95 and she used to drink crates of the stuff. So I plan to keep drinking my over-carbonated seltzer, consequences be damned.

Although, we’ve certainly got a lot of flavor options to try out. And I’ll let Lynn talk about the ingredients and stuff which I didn’t really look at.

Lynn, tagging back in….

So, as you know, I try to avoid artificial ingredients as much as possible so I will not be drinking too much of the flavored syrups:

However, if you are weaning off of regular soda, this might be a good option, since there is no high fructose corn syrup, and is much lower in calories (35, compared to 105).

The Diet syrups use a Splenda sweetener, as opposed to aspartame.

Their “flavor essences” are more my speed –

All in all, I’m thrilled with the Sodastream, not only because my husband is happier than a pig in sh*t but because I’m thinking of all the plastic and $$$ we’re going to save – the cost to exchange a C02 tank is only $25.99 with free shipping. I no longer have to lug home heavy mineral water bottles from the grocery store that will wind up in the landfill! The Sodastream bottles are BPA and PCB free too. Whew!

Also, now I don’t have to nag Abe to stay hydrated.

Thank you Rob and Sodastream! You’ve made this a very bubbly household, indeed.


16 thoughts on “Lynn & Abe – Sodastream Review

  1. Jim

    Thanks for your review!

    I just “discovered” the Sodastream “product” (the seltzer water itself) at a neighbor’s house last night. One of the other guests brought a bottle and shared. I drink a lot of water in a never-ending battle against dehydration. Our home well-water is wonderful stuff BUT the ability to bubble-ize will be fantastic.

    I sat down at the keyboard this morning to “research” — your review was a lot of help! The only pre-purchase hurdle I have left at this point is convincing my wife there’s room in “her” kitchen for the appliance.

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  5. rutheh

    Cool to find modern day seltzer to go along with my photo of the vintage bottles post today!
    Nice review.
    Looks too big though.

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