Lynn – And the Award Goes to???

As I write, my entire mouth is numb from a dentist visit this morning. I don’t know what’s more tortuous, my teeth or looking at these pictures of chewable food from yesterday.

After my yummy salad lunch I taught a piano lesson and ate this Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar in the car (thanks again, Holly!)

The coconut in this stuff made me so happy, I sang at the top of my lungs in 1 hour of traffic.

I headed directly over to the University of Southern California, where the “White on Rice” cast was being interviewed for the campus TV station. They had nothing like this at my school, and I was really impressed with their professionalism. The whole experience reminded me of the old 90210, when Brandon worked at the CU Station.

My co-star, Hiroshi Watanabe, getting mic’d by a student.

For my blog readers who go to USC, keep an eye out for us in the next month on Trojan Vision!

Dinner wasn’t until 8:30pm, and I was on my own. I tried another flavor of Sunshine Burger.

This says “breakfast” but I didn’t care.

Check out those ingredients! Not a chemical to be found.

On multi-grain bread with a ketchup, Dijonnaise, a bunch of organic greens, and a side of organic grapes. The letter you see in the background was a thank-you one from the students at USC. See what I mean about being on the ball? I’ve been interviewed for some major TV outlets and have never been so pampered.

“Breakfast” made a very satisfying dinner. Sunshine Burgers, you get my vote for favorite new product of the year.

Speaking of voting, Foodbuzz is holding its very 1st Food Blog Awards! Check it out and nominate your faves – I have a couple nominations in mind….

For dessert I tried a Double Chocolate Dream Vitatop.

Toasted for a few minutes, I enjoyed this much more than my last chocolate Vitatop experience. Perhaps it’s because of the gooey chips, which add a little more oomph.

The article for the San Francisco Chronicle I was interviewed for on Sunday is now online. And it’s a great one – well written and insightful. We hit the Bay Area this Friday, Sept. 18th! If you’re there check it out at the Loews Metreon in San Francisco or the Camera 3 Cinema in San Jose.


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