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Last night’s Orange County screenings of “White on Rice” were a big success! We had good crowds and they were very engaged and responsive. The Edwards Irvine Spectrum theater is insane –

The mall it’s housed in is quite a monstrosity –

Can you spot our little indie film sandwiched between all the blockbusters?

In between screenings, we had dinner with our friend from college, Sam, who came to the 5:05 pm screening. I can’t believe my burrito brunch yesterday held me over for over 8 hours!!!

The Irvine Spectrum Center has a Veggie Grill – one of the O.C.’s best “fast food” vegetarian places – I’d never been to this location before.

I ordered something new this time – the soup/salad combo ($8.50). I picked the “Bean Me Up Chili” with a “Baja Fiesta Salad.”

The chili had “red and white beans, touch of soy cream, chopped green and red onion” and came served with a few tortilla chips. The salad had “chopped romaine, papaya, avocado, roasted corn salsa, quinoa, cucumber, cilantro, and a ginger-papaya vinaigrette.” It didn’t say so on the menu, but it was also sprinkled with tortilla strips.

I picked off about half of the tortilla strips from the salad and ate 2 of the whole ones with my chili, which was quite delicious. I left a few spoonfuls behind because I got pretty full, and devoured all of the salad, which was pretty good, but not as kick ass as the “All Hail Kale” one I got last time.

Veggie Grill is opening up a location much closer to me in Los Angeles on September 29th and I’m very excited!!!

Our 2nd Q & A took place about 9:30 pm. Afterwards, we hung around, took pictures with fans, and signed autographs.

It turned into quite a scene!

I enjoy interacting with people – folks assume that actors do this kind of thing all the time, but it’s not something I get the chance to do very often (as you can see if you’ve been reading this blog for a while).

Even though we had a good turn-out in Irvine, I heard we are not selling as well in Los Angeles at the Sunset 5. If you or people you know are in the area, please come soon and help us stay in theaters!!!

It took about an hour to drive home, and by the time I showered and got into my PJ’s I was exhausted from all the excitement and not sleeping well for the past few days.


You better believe I felt like I’d accomplished something major when I woke up. You would’ve thought I’d run a marathon. But weirdly, I didn’t feel like working out. I decided to give myself a nice lazy Sunday as a gift. Took Julius for 1/2 an hour walk then made some of Kath’s oatmeal pancakes:

I used whole rolled oats instead of quick ones. I wonder if that’s why they came out so watery?

But they flipped okay:

I opted to put the mashed banana inside the pancake, which gave it a wonderful sweetness throughout. Topped with some ground flax and Ficoco:

Abe and I loooooved these pancakes. You’re a genius, Kath!

I had a Greens+/chaser with it too.

Now I’m off to get some farmer’s market goods just as it closes (my tip to scoring the best deals). Then I have an in-person interview for The San Francisco Chronicle, two bathrooms to clean, and…

BEATLES ROCK BAND!!!! Best. Sunday. Ever.

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  2. Melissa S.

    i’ll have to try that soup next time i go to veggie grill…i had a tomato basil once at UCI. i like the cajun chick’n sandwich the best though. nom.

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