Lynn – It’s Saturday.

Yeah, I couldn’t think of another title post. My brain is dead.

Abe made me lunch yesterday!!! I’ve taught him well…he used the leftover quinoa/lentils and put them on top of some mixed organic greens with hummus, a few chopped organic heirloom tomatoes (they’re there, you can’t see ’em), and some orange slices.

T’was quite yum.

For dessert I had an organic nectarine and the Jelly Belly lollipop I got in South Dakota

The lollibean, as they call it, was Strawberry Cheesecake. It was all right, similar to the Linda’s Lollie I had a while ago, which I wasn’t doing backflips over either. I wish they made a buttered popcorn flavor!

We walked to dinner, choosing sushi in honor of the opening day of “White on Rice” (it’s about a Japanese-American family)

We split the edamame (about 1/4 of this was left)

Sipped on free miso soup (all of it)

And I got the 12-piece chef’s choice sushi/sashimi combo (I left 3 pieces to take home)

Then we headed over to the Sunset 5 for two Opening Night Q & A’s:

In between the screenings I drank some of Abe’s Diet Sprite – no picture (it was dark). Blog reader Regina had asked a while ago why I avoided diet soda/fat free dressings and the answer is this – I try to eat as much unprocessed food – with as few chemical additives – as I can, whenever I can. The truth is, I’m okay with drinking water and making my own dressing/using hummus or salsa instead. But when it comes to candy and other sweets you see me eating on the blog, it’s not as easy to be additive-free. I do my best, and if there is a natural alternative, I usually take that route.

And speaking of artificial….

It was after midnight when we finished our second Q&A and I was hungry/tired/craving something cold and sweet. We didn’t think anything would be open at that hour and were thrilled to see that Yogurtland was!

It’s a self-serve place and what I like to do is fill most of the container with fresh fruit (I got a mixture of berries) and top it with a few different flavors (I opted for the non-fruity/non-tart ones, like coconut, root beer float *yum*, bananas foster, and cookies ‘n cream). Then I mix it all up.

Not gorgeous. But it hit the spot.

I also scored this burrito from our sales/distribution guy, Nguyen Tran, at the screening. His wife makes Asian fusion food out of North Hollywood, called Starry Kitchen, and he brought us some goods from last night’s menu – a Vietnamese chicken burrito –

I actually had it for brunch today. I’d had another poor night’s sleep (probably from anxiety and also eating a big bowl of sugar before bed) so after I took Julius for an hour walk and waited for my appetite to come around it was already 11:30 am – a perfectly acceptable time for my first meal to be “lunch.”

Rice, chicken, lemongrass, and other mystery deliciousness wrapped into a flour tortilla…

A bag of Funky Monkey Jivealime on the side –

And some Greens+/chaser with all my breakfast/lunch supplements together…

The burrito was SO DARN GOOD. I bet it would’ve been even better warmed up but it was still excellent – incredibly light and fresh, plus the flavors were perfectly balanced – I added some sriracha between bites –

What a great brunch. If you’re in Los Angeles, definitely check out Starry Kitchen – they’re going to be the next Kogi. The pineapple chips were a splendid accompaniment, though I did check to see what they retailed for and I think $2.50 is a bit insane for that little amount (we had gotten them for free).

A bunch of “White on Rice” videos to share – a deleted scene, an interview with my co-star James Kyson Lee, and another interview I did a while ago when I was in San Francisco. Tonight I’m doing two more Q&A’s in Orange County at the Edwards Irvine Spectrum – 5:05 pm and 7:35 pm shows. It was great to see friends/family/fans last night and I hope s’more show up later on!


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