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Lynn – Today’s a Big Day…

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Last night I made a pretty typical “Lynn Chen” meal – which would be quick, nutritious, vegetarian, and involving minimal pots/pans:

Lentils and Quinoa (put them in a saucepan w/ double the water, bring to boil, simmer for 30 minutes)

And a quick stir fry of broccoli slaw, garlic, salt and pepper, and TJ’s Island Soyaki:

I cooked the veggies on high heat using a tablespoon of coconut oil we got from Navitas Naturals:

This was my first time using coconut oil – I’ve been hearing so much about the health benefits of it – and I was really pleased with the taste and how nicely it cooked up. It actually gave the veggies a subtle coconut flavor, which surprised me – after all, I don’t think olive oil tastes like olives….

I also added a squirt of Sriracha to my stir fry….

For dessert I had a Chocolate Fig Vitatop -

You know me and figs. I had frozen a bunch before we left for South Dakota and added a few of those too -

The verdict – at first bite, Vitalicious‘ chocolate items aren’t as good as their muffin-y ones (like bran and banana nut flavors). They just TASTE like they’re low fat/low calorie – chocolate-ish, but not quite “there.” However, eating them with the frozen figs (which were tremendous, by the way – will definitely keep doing this next fig season) was a nice pairing, and I wound up enjoying this little sweet treat.

Julius was uber cute sleeping last night -

And then he got even cuter -

This morning was a little crazy – I slept decent (yay!) did 1/2 an hour of upper body weights while watching TV, slapped on some makeup and curled my hair, and wolfed down this -

Banana Nut Cheerios, Whole Wheat Puffs, 1/2 a banana, Navitas Organic Raw Trail Mix, organic skim milk, and Greens+/Water Chaser.

Then I was off to an audition in beautiful downtown Burbank, which went very well. I’ve been catching up on computer stuff all morning – check out my guest post at this awesome shopping site, delight.com (you get free shipping if you order any of my picks today only if you enter code “DelightfulFriday11″ at the checkout!) and reading all the “White on Rice” updateswe open today!!! If you’re in Los Angeles come to the 7:45pm or 10pm showing tonight to say hi to me at the Q&A afterwards!

Of course, in all this excitement I haven’t forgotten what day it is…on 9/11 Abe and I were both living in NYC, and he saw the World Trade Center even before it was reported on the news – he wound up leaving his temp job while everyone else was still working and rushing home to be with me in Queens. I worked at the Empire State Building at the time, and I’ll never forget those next few months…where were you?

Lynn – No Sleep Til Monday…

product review - salads - vegetarian

I went to the gym this morning on my second night of 5-6 hours of sleep. I am a 7-8 hour minimum kinda gal, at least psychologically I am – surprisingly, it hasn’t really affected my mood, energy, or hunger levels. I was just grumpy about getting my butt in the car and on the elliptical. But I did it, with the help of this month’s Body + Soul (I always save my favorite magazines for days like these) and an episode of KCRW’s Good Food podcast, which featured an interesting interview about storing your produce.

And, as always, I felt much better after some exercise.

Breakfast was some plain Oikos mixed with NuStevia, half an organic peach, half a banana, and some Honey Glazed Almonds that I crushed in my mini prep food processor.

With some Greens+/chaser

The honey glazed almonds from OhNuts are so good. Perfect amount of crunch and sweetness. I find with a flavored nut like this, I like to incorporate it into meals rather than snack on them whole and on their own – I’ve eaten entire bags like that….

I prepped for an audition tomorrow morning, talked on the phone with my dear friend in Pittsburgh, and made a Burger Salad for lunch:

Sunshine Burger sent us a bunch of coupons to try their veggie burgers. I picked up the BBQ, which is the only flavor they carried at Erewhon.

Cut into chunks, on top of mixed organic herb greens/spinach tossed with Galeo’s Best Miso dressing, nestled with some avocado, and organic heirloom tomatoes…

With Laughing Cow/Ficoco spread on a Wasa cracker -

Ahem…I think we may have a new favorite veggie burger!!! Abe and I were both mad about it – thank you so much to Carol from Sunshine Burger for sending them. I’m particularly impressed with their short list of natural ingredients (none of which are soy, a nice vegetarian alternative) and 9 grams of protein…can’t wait to try the other flavors! The one gripe I have is that they come 3 in a package – which is, literally, odd.

I also had this orange, of which I shared a few pieces with my darling husband…

White on Rice” opens in Los Angeles and Orange County tomorrow night!!! Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word, like the latest blog posts from Christina Butter, Kat’s Daily Plate, I Heart Blue Whales, and Andrea’s Wellness Notes. Keep the blog love coming! We’ve been getting a bunch of amazing reviews, plus great features in newspapers like The Los Angeles Times and The OC Register. Last night’s sneak preview screening in Pasadena was packed…I’m very excited and anxious (no wonder I’m not sleeping). Here’s hoping to a great opening weekend – thanks again for your support – it means the world to me.