Lynn – THE Farmers Market

Abe came home this morning!!!

Julius and I were happy to have him home, safe and sound.

I was feeling kinda *ugh* when I got up – still full from dinner last night and tired from not getting more than 6-7 hours of sleep the past few days. I did 45 minutes of Inhale yoga and made a Shakeology smoothie to go –

I re-used a Starbucks plastic cup. Don’t try this at home, kids! I believe this isn’t safe because these types of cups are only designed for one-time use…but I don’t do it often.

I also packed an organic nectarine in case I did get hungry…

Then I was off for my commercial headshot shoot. It went well; took a bit longer than we had thought because the photographer’s camera kept heating up but I thought he and the hair/makeup person did a really good job – they were very attentive, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Of course, we will have to see the actual pictures to give a full critique…

By the time I got back home it had been 6 hours since my smoothie and I was starving. I didn’t end up eating the nectarine because we had been so busy shooting…plus I just wanted to get home and get this in my belly –

The Mango Tango leftovers from Seed, plus some organic red bell pepper that I added.

I got an email from their PR guy, Dan, this afternoon, answering some questions:

Because of the location, SEED was only granted a FAST FOOD license, which is why there is no restroom and the reason that the food is served in “to go” containers. They are, however, all incredibly expensive “green” products, all made to be easily recyclable and biodegradable. “

Tis true – it did seem like the bulk of their business was to-go. They’re right by the beach, though, so it’s the perfect place to grab a picnic lunch if you’re in Venice. (Thanks again for treating us, Dan!)

I also had some red grapes –

I then jumped back in my car to see my shrinky dink, only to find out when I got there that she had to cancel because of an emergency with one of her other clients. Apparently she had texted me twice but I had had my phone off during the headshot shoot (I still haven’t gotten those texts, actually, what gives T Mobile?) so I turned around and drove back home.

I was feeling a bit cranky and tired from smiling for four hours straight so I took a 20 minute nap. Mind you, my makeup from the shoot was still caked on. I’ve gotten very good at snoozing without mussing my face from long days in trailers.

I woke up feeling revived and much more ready to deal with the day. Abe and I took Julius for a 45-minute walk, then headed out to The Grove for some shopping and dinner.

Look how pretty the clouds were when we left!

I got the same pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars I always get – in navy, like usual. I’ve been getting these sneakers since I was twelve.

Look who I found in the store! A very old pug in a stroller. This one’s for you, Tina

I’ve blogged about The Grove before but I didn’t mention its counterpart, The Farmers Market. This Los Angeles institution has been here for 75 years. It’s one of my favorite places to eat and people watch.

There’s fresh produce, of course, though I’m not sure it’s certified organic…

Cute little shopping carts to load up your stuff…

Touristy stuff to buy…

A wonderful food court…

It was near closing time when we went, so it’s not usually this empty.

Here’s one of the many seating areas –

We got dinner from Deano’s Pizza, which I heard about from Kate’s blog.

I ordered what Kate had recommended, the kid’s portion of grilled chicken and balsamic veggies. Kate had also gotten a side of whole wheat pasta, but the woman behind the counter (who was kinda grumpy) said that would be $5, which I felt was a bit steep for naked noodles.

Here’s what I got served:

Yup, those are kiddie-sized vegetable portions, all right.

Abe got a roasted veggie panini, which I had a bite of.

Luckily I still had my nectarine in my bag from earlier so I just ate that and was satisfied. I also popped a fish oil, 2 green pills, a calcium and peanut ginger chew.

I wanted dessert but everything was closed up so I waited until we got back home for some Stonyfield Farm Nonfat Vanilla Fudge Swirl Fro Yo and Passionfruit Sorbet.

I am tired. So is Abe, who is falling asleep reading next to me right now. Nighty night blog land!

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  5. Anita

    Hello Lynn,

    We represent The Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles ( ) and are thrilled to hear that you enjoy the food and atmosphere at the Market. This 77-year-old iconic location consists of over 100 grocery, restaurant, and retail stalls/stores and continues to provide the Los Angeles area with fresh produce, great restaurants, and unique stores.

    If you would like to be added to our media contact list for information about upcoming news and events at The Farmers Market, please contact with media contact/submission information for The Actor’s Diet.

    We look forward to sharing with you all of the exciting activities that are happening at this local landmark.


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