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I had to babysit this morning so I got up a little bit earlier than usual to do an hour of Inhale yoga, then quickly made breakfast – Savory Albert Camus (kamut):

In this bowl:

  • 1/2 cup kamut w/ 3/4 cups water
  • 1/2 cup frozen spinach
  • 2 TB egg whites
  • 1 TB chopped raw walnuts
  • 1 tsp grated parmesan cheese

My suspicions were correct…Albert Camus flakes are much better salty.

I taped my friend June Diane Raphael on a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel last night:

Doesn’t she look beautiful?

She was on to promote her new movie, “Year One.”  How cool is that?  I don’t usually get to see people I actually know on late-night television.

Me, June, Jimmy, and Albert Camus:

After taking my multi and sucking on a ginger chew (I skipped the green pills today since I had some spinach with breakfast) I headed off to spend some time with an adorable 1 1/2 year old.  Four hours later I came home and was surprised I wasn’t famished, like when I had eaten the Albert Camus flakes sweet. Interesting….I did a little work around the house for another hour and then had lunch:

A starving salad (or in this case a not-so-starving one) with organic greens, mixed bell peppers, sweet potato, avocado, hummus, and cottage cheese.

I’ve never had hummus or cottage cheese in a salad before but it was quite good.  Replaced the need for dressing too!

I also ate half a mango:

Doesn’t it look like a turtle shell from Super Mario Bros.?

Some calcium gummy bears, a fish oil supplement, and a mint-flavored Werther’s –

I had a phone date with my friend Anna who has just moved across the country.  I miss her so much – we used to walk and hike and hang a few times a week.  After I got off the phone I started spending time on Maggie Mac but got the stink eye from Julius:

I can take a hint.  I suggested we go for a walk, so he got ready –

About 45 minutes later, I got home and spent quite some time pounding through my blog reader.  Around 6pm I got a little hungry so I snacked on some grapes –

Which did a very poor job of holding me over.  While Abe was driving back from work I gave him a call and asked that we go out for dinner.  I was hangry.

We went to one of our faaaaavorite places in Los Angeles – M Cafe:

They describe themselves as “contemporary macrobiotic” – which I guess is because they aren’t strict macro – I did that for a while and it did not include tomatoes and bread.  It’s kinda scene-y sometimes and the rumor is it has something to do with Gwyneth Paltrow’s old personal chef.  It’s also price-y.  But I adore it and have been willing to put up with just about anything (even a taping of “The Hills“) to eat here.

Check it –

Organic fries with house-made macro ketchup – made with beets? – I had a handful…

The “Big Macro” with a side of the best kale dish ever –

Whole grain brown rice and veggie burger, special sauce, lettuce, tofu cheese, pickles, onion, and sprouts on a house-baked whole wheat bun:

A bite of Abe’s curried cauliflower:

My side of Kale with Spicy Peanut Sauce:

I am so happily full right now, as I am every time I leave M Cafe.  They opened more locations in Los Angeles, so I’m never far from one, wherever I may be.  Amen to that.

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