Lynn – Pre and Post Hangover

Don’t let the title fool you – I don’t drink alcohol.

I did wind up having some stuff to do today – a last-minute voiceover audition for a new cartoon. I love voiceover auditions because they only require me to record some lines at home and email them over to my agent as mp3’s….and I also had an appointment with my therapist in the afternoon which I’m glad I didn’t forget!

After a very wonderful session (she and I have been working together for a few years now and I absolutely adore her) Abe and I went to lunch at Urth Caffe.

It’s kind of a scene there (you may recognize it from “Entourage” and various paparazzi shots), but it was near my appointment so that’s where we went.

The food is delicious, actually.

My sandwich – 1/2 a grilled chicken with pesto (I tried their non-cheese version) and a mixed green salad.

Abe also got a 1/2 sandwich (sprouts, avocado, and cheese) –

It was already 4pm when we were eating lunch so we opted for smaller portions.


We then hopped in the car, planning on seeing “Away We Go.” I sucked on this sucker:

A cherry Tootsie Pop.

We wound up in traffic, just missing the 5:10 start time. So we went to the 5:35 screening of “The Hangover” instead. Plain silliness. I thought it was like a grown-up version of “License to Drive” which also stars Heather Graham. Weird.

Dinner wasn’t until 9pm. It involved pulling a lot of stuff out of the freezer and pantry.

Frozen collard greens, Soy Nuggets, Potato Gnocchi, and a jar of Spaghetti Sauce.

My one fresh ingredient:

I toasted the soy nuggets on 450 F for 4 minutes on each side

And sauteed the onion and frozen greens in some canola

Added some spaghetti sauce and simmered on low

And dropped the gnocchi in boiling water

When the nuggets were done I squished them with some tongs


Everything got mixed together and then topped with some parm cheese

I put half of what I made aside for leftovers and divided the rest for me and my sweetie.

Speaking of sweetness…

This orange hit the spot.

And no meal is complete without –

Calcium candy and a ginger chew. Plus some fish oil.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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dinner · June 13, 2009

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