Lady in Red


After all my Halloween posts, I may have actually come around on this holiday!  In fact, despite my grumbling like Scrooge McHalloween, I realized I sometimes make an actual effort to dress up – like in 2012 when I was a Rock Lobster


…and this year – I MEAN CHECK THIS OUT.  Do you know who I am?


Just kidding, I’m not the salsa dancing emoji.  This glorious number is designed by Michelle Hebert (remember when she custom-designed a gown for me?) and it’s a loaner for an upcoming Film Festival Awards Gala.

To tell you the truth, I’m just going to wear these glasses from my Hello Kitty SWAG bag…

IMG_0858 …but hey – it goes with the red/white theme?

Happy Halloween everyone!


Olson’s Scandinavian Delicatessen

restaurant - sandwich

Our BuzzFeed sandwich adventure has been getting some great press online!

The shoot brought us to some new places; one gem I couldn’t wait to share is Olson’s Scandinavian Delicatessen.


The shop has been around since 1948 but Christian Kneedler took over and gave it an update.

DSCN6681 DSCN6674 DSCN6677


I fell in love with the shop, the space…

DSCN6696 DSCN6687 DSCN6693


Must admit, I did not care for this salty black licorice…

DSCN6713…but I DID gobble up the rest of the gummy/sour treats.  I also LOVED the shrimp sandwich (aka Skagen) you see in the video.  Their breakfast sandwich recently made LA Weekly’s list too!

P.S. – My favorite places to eat in LA are being featured on The Rex App’s blog – Olson’s would’ve definitely been on the list, but I did the interview before the sandwich shoot!

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Beauty Basics: Skincare


The other day I got this tweet…

…which made me realize – it’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post!  Edlyn wanted to know specifically about my skincare regime; I’ve blogged about it before, but things have changed a little since 2012.

My first step is precleansing oil – the bottle I currently have is Dermalogica, then I follow up with Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit.  Lately I’ve had samples of Tatcha so I’ll use that to exfoliate/moisturize at night.  It feels fancy.  For toner, Kiehls makes a Cucumber Toner that doesn’t dry out my pores.  To remove eye makeup, I stick to good old fashioned baby oil dipped into a Q-Tip.

It’s a lot of steps (Abe was really freaked out when he had to wash his face using my instructions after making this BuzzFeed video) but I don’t like to sleep with any traces of makeup on my skin – and I wear a full face pretty much daily.  I also recently discussed the role sugar plays in my complexion on the Open Sky Fitness Podcast (around 55:50) – I think you’ll be surprised!

Edlyn asked if I used highlighter – the answer is no, but I’m looking into starting.  Perhaps I can get an expert to do an ABC’s of... post!

My final tip – take photos during “magic hour.” That will definitely make you “radiate.”


Speaking of faces, my film “Saving Face” is having its 10th Anniversary this year!  Angry Asian Man and Visual Communications are teaming up to host a special screening with cast/crew on Wednesday 11/12 at The Japanese American National Museum.  If you are in LA, I’d love to see you there (tickets available here).  If not, you can always watch along on Netflix DVD or Amazon Instant.

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