Mom Eats Fried Hot Dogs for the 1st Time

Sounds like a BuzzFeed title doesn’t it?  This post is in honor of all the peeps who recognized me while I was in NJ from my Food Videos – exciting/fun but a little weird!


I wound up Snapchatting (@mslynnchen) most of my trip home to NJ but alas, most of that is gone now.


My Mom lives in a different area of NJ than I grew up in, so we’re still learning about good places to eat.  I dug the pizza we ordered from Fort Lee Pizzeria

Trying to switch my niece/nephews from plain to Margherita Pizza. Not working.

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…and this dinner from It’s Greek to Me

…where my Mom ate her first Pita Sandwich.


I’d say the highlight of the weekend was our last dinner, at Hiram’s (as seen on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations)…

Hiram's Hot Dogs

…no fuss…Hiram's Hot Dogs

…just yummy, fried food…

Onion Rings

…including hot dogs.

Deep Fried Hot Dogs

Any other Fort Lee Foods I should try next time I’m in town?

Los Angeles Food and Wine 2015

Let the LA Food Festival Season begin!  During the end of the summer, I’m always super full.

Los Angeles Food and Wine

The Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival was first – I was able to attend Opening Night, grab some nibbles, and see some friends.  You can spot some of my favorites in this video –Compartes, Let Me Eat Cake, Starry Kitchen, CoolHaus, Sqirl – and you’ll most likely recognize the superstars like Chef Curtis Stone and Mike D from the Beastie Boys.

On the 29th, I was in Jersey, jealous of Abe.  He ate lots of Salt and Straw Ice Cream (not the vegetable kind) and saw The Roots, front and center, without me.

The Roots

The Roots

Kinda a big deal, since his family’s from Philly


…and this song was our jam when we first got together.
The Roots The Roots

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