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Fall Obsessions 2016

From Curry Paste in a Tube to a Stripe Shirt – My Fall Obsessions 2016. Oh hello, fall.  Here you are already.  The transition in Los Angeles is slow, because it’s still so freaking hot …

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Guitar Pasta

Spirulina Guitar Pasta, aka Spaghetti alla Chittara. There was a lot of meat at Los Angeles Food and Wine this year, but my favorite dish is actually vegetarian!  It’s this Guitar Pasta Dish.  The official name is …

Sweet Potato, Pancakes

Demitasse Hollywood Roastery and Kitchen

Sweet Potato Pancakes, Grilled Cheese, and a Salad at Demitasse Hollywood Roastery and Kitchen. After my latte art lesson at Demitasse Hollywood Roastery and Kitchen, we get treated to brunch on their outdoor patio.  Let the …

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The Best Biscuits in LA

The best biscuits in Los Angeles – Kacey Musgraves, this is for you. I don’t know what is happening, but as I get older, I stop listening to new music.  I grew up singing and playing piano, going to band …