Mare Silver Lake Restaurant Menu

Double Dinner Date: Mare Silverlake

The rain in Los Angeles has turned me into a total hermit.  I can’t seem to leave the coziness of my house, especially when there is so much good TV to watch.  But when we …

Curver Knit Pouf

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

So far everyone has been adjusting really well to our recent move.  Everyone except Julius.   He doesn’t have his usual perch by the window to see all the action on the street.  He lost …

Matzo Latke Pancakes made with Matzo Meal - the perfect Passover Breakfast that you can eat year-round

How to Make Matzo Latke Pancakes

Have you ever had a Matzo Latke before?  They are basically pancakes made out of matzo meal.  Abe’s mother, Wendy, tells me that they aren’t very common in most Jewish American households.  Most people use their …

Chicken Sandwich with Blue Potato Chips at Pono Burger West Hollywood

Lunch at Pono Burger West Hollywood

The Place Pono Burger.  I love taking dudes here.  Their food is stellar and their Santa Monica space (in an old World War II Bunker) is unique.  Plus, it’s the only place where they do burgers/fries AND salads/vegetarian …