TC Charton Eyewear

If you’re Asian, you know that finding good eyewear can be a bit of a challenge in this country…

TC Charton Eyewear

…I blogged about this dilemma over at Thick Dumpling Skin – where I also reviewed TC Charton, the company that sent these frames.  Above is the Orquidea, below is the Shaunee

TC Charton Eyewear

…and the Nikki.

TC Charton Eyewear Sunglasses TC Charton They even sent a frames-only pair for me to wear on auditions – usually I have on contacts, but these allow me to immediately change my look (without being too blind to read my lines).
TC Charton Eyewear

FYI – TC Charton makes it clear that their eyewear looks good on non-Asian faces too!

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Kye’s Montana

Jeanne Cheng’s son, Kye, is the inspiration behind her first restaurant – a place where people of all ages (and dietary restrictions) can come together to eat delicious, gluten-free food that makes you feel great.


There’s plenty of meat options (<—check out my friend Mike’s blog post), but I came with one of my favorite vegans, Leslie, and we were treated to a bunch of non-animal options.

DSCN9251The smoothies/shakes are excellent (get the Caramelized Banana with Maca, you won’t be sorry), as is this warm Ayurvedic Drink with all kinds of greens, cashews, coconut oil, and salt.
DSCN9224Also way above anything I’ve ever eaten with Goji Berries before – their Kale Salad, ordered without cheese.
DSCN9217 DSCN9215

But really, what you come to Kye’s for – is the Kye-rito…


…wrapped up in either Romaine, Collard Greens, or Nori and stuffed with all kinds of goodies…


…Beans Taco (above), Vegan Reuben (below)…


…5 Spice Peanut…


…and the “Nahm Jim.”  (Visit the menu for detailed descriptions/ingredients.)


They’re all glorious!!!  And there’s a special way to open them, too.  (Leslie was better at it than me.)

Jeanne’s the brainchild between all these gluten-free treats too – Kabocha (that tastes like Pumpkin Pie), Chocolate Chip Cookies with Spinach…


…and a Vegan Black Bean Brownie.


You can also grab stuff to eat n go…


…but I definitely want to come back for another lunch date.


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#NEDAwareness 2015

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been posting about NEDAwareness Week since the day before it started – Sunday, February 22.  This year’s theme is “I Had No Idea.”  Even though I’ve been an Ambassador for NEDA for three years, in recovery for over seven, and have written enough about the subject (both here and at Thick Dumpling Skin) to fill a book, there are still things I’m learning about eating disorders every single day.

Like…I had no idea…I could diet and not be considered anorexic.


I’ve already blogged about this before, but I want to address it again, since today’s theme is actually “Dieting and Eating Disorders.”  I think there’s this perception that if you monitor what you’re eating, you’re automatically headed down a slippery slope to an eating disorder (or you already have one).  This certainly can be true – and was, indeed, once the case for myself.

But what can also be true is the opposite – having a very ordered way of eating can actually help a great deal when you have an eating disorder.  Essentially, only YOU know the truth.  Only I know my weight is the same – I’m just a lot less bloated and have more energy/am in a better mood.  Only I know that I am never hungry, always satisfied.  Only I know that ordering 3 plates of greens (for Chinese New Year’s at PingTung) is how I balanced out the fried tofu/noodles I didn’t snap a photo of.  Only I know that very little time is spent obsessing over what I “have to” order/eat because the chef/PR Rep/the internet told me to.  Only I know that when I turned down the offer for cake at a birthday party, it wasn’t because I was depriving myself – it was because I had just eaten a muffin beforehand and didn’t feel like doubling up on sugar before a long day of work ahead.  Only I know that my relationship with food will continue to evolve/change, and only I have to deal with the feelings that come along with that growth.

I had no idea that I know myself better than anyone else ever could.

But if you’re struggling getting to know yourself (that was definitely an issue for me for a while – figuring out how much was enough for my own body) there’s a #NEDAwareness Tweet Chat today from 12-1pm ET.