SodaStream Power
soda maker

SodaStream is probably the kitchen appliance we use the most; back when Abe first reviewed it in 2009, we had to convince people how life changing it was – No more lugging bottles of seltzer! Less recycling!  Today, pretty much allContinue Reading

What’s New Chewie
It's a Small World

A little change in my usual news/links title, just because of our new honorary book club member… …I took Melanie and Leslie to Disneyland as early birthday presents yesterday – it was my first time in a long time notContinue Reading

Podcast 69 – Gaby Dalkin
Gaby Dalkin

If you’re wondering What’s Gaby Cooking, you’re about to find out!  Gaby Dalkin is my latest podcast guest! We talk about our mutual obsession with Rachael Ray, how she develops recipes, where she likes to shop for food, her upcoming tripContinue Reading

Napa Valley Grille
desserts napa valley grille

Remember in college, whenever your roomate’s parents would visit, and if you looked pathetic enough they’d let you tag along on a fancy dinner?  For those of you who go to UCLA, practice your puppy dog eyes and pray they take youContinue Reading

How to Make a Hotel Room Breakfast
lynn chen leslie durso

We spent most of Jennifer Alden and Kirk Spahn’s wedding weekend at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park, CA.  Between the rehearsal dinner, after-party buffets, and brunches, Leslie and I decided to take it easy on Saturday before theContinue Reading

Nestldown Wedding
nestldown cottage

We attended the most beautiful, intimate and magical wedding at Nestldown this weekend.  Jenny Alden and Kirk Spahn exchanged vows that brought tears to everyone’s eyes and made our hearts swell.  Even with the rain (which, thankfully, stopped just before the ceremony) everythingContinue Reading