Mainland Poke Shop

There is a Raw Fish Revolution going on in Los Angeles right now – Zach recently explored eight poke places for Eater.  I started with the one closest to me (and admittedly, the only one that sent me an invite).

Mainland Poke Shop Mainland Poke Shop

Mainland Poke Shop, is located next door to Joan’s on Third, and is sorta like Pinkberry-meets-Poke.

Mainland Poke Shop

Owner Ari Kahan got the idea in Hawaii, teamed up with chef Kayson Chong

Mainland Poke Shop

…together, they’ve created a way to get seriously fresh fish into our bellies, incredibly fast.


Ari fixed me a large salad bowl, with all sorts of fish-y toppings (including Octopus) and a yummy Coconut Sauce…
Poke Salad

Mainland Poke Shop

…for Abe – a small white rice (they also have brown) bowl topped with tofu + Sriracha Aioli.

Vegan Poke

We both fell madly in love.  My first time time eating poke but definitely not my last.

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Recipe: Red Deviled Hummus Eggs

Happy National Hummus Day AND Red Nose Day! Lets eat some Sabra in pretty red (okay pink) eggs to celebrate.


First, dye six hard-boiled eggs overnight in Beet Pickling Juice.

beet eggs beet eggs

Admire their beauty…

beet eggs

…then, let them undress.

beet eggs

With the yolks, combine 3 heaping Tablespoons of Roasted Pine Nut Hummus (<—the container we had open), a hefty pinch of salt, and a drizzle of olive oil until well combined – then stuff it all back in there.

hummus deviled eggs

I’m sure you could make this look prettier by putting the filling in a pastry bag, yada yada yada.

hummus deviled eggs

There is plenty mixture leftover, just spread it on some bread with those beets (that are mad they lost their home).

hummus and beets hummus and beets

Now eat it all while watching Red Nose Day tonight on NBC!

P.S. Sabra is offering y’all some coupons on their site today to celebrate!

Wendy’s Veggie Burger

That’s right, fast food chain Wendy’s has a Vegan Black Bean Burger that they are testing out in Columbus.  This is their photo…

Wendy's Blackbean Burger

…and this is an actual sample/review by a “real” person.  No, I did not go all the way to Ohio to eat these.  Lucky for me, I have a college friend, Luca, who lives there, and he was willing to try them.  Below is his unbiased experience!

Wendy's Veggie Burger

Before the actual review – a little background on your reviewer: I got as far as the first chapter of The Omnivores Dilema and decided to give up beef (I didn’t read the whole book so someone let me know if the cattle processing industry redeems itself in the end). So for the last 10 years or so, the only real hamburgers I have eaten are In-n-Out burgers. Somehow I’m OK with this violation of my convictions, it probably has something to do with the fact that they taste so good.  In that same time I have eaten endless varieties of veggie burgers, both those that try to replicate meat flavor and those that don’t, as well as turkey burgers, salmon burgers, etc.

At the Wendy’s I went to – the Signature Black Bean Burger is a Signature Sandwich but is also part of the build-your-own menu so you could get it with anything you want for toppings. I went with the stock Signature version which is:

Multi-grain bun
Asiago ranch sauce
Colby pepper jack cheese
Spring mix

I did not see them prepping the burger but as you can see from the picture it looks like they warmed the burger and then laid the cheese on top. This leads to one of my food pet peeves – unmelted cheese. I’m sure there’s some actual scientific data out there but from my own research melted cheese is approximately ninety times better than solid cheese that is slightly warmer than room temperature.

The patty itself was a little chewy and in isolation it it had a pretty mild taste.  Not much to distinguish itself from any other bean burger, but the total combination (bolstered by ranch dressing) of the sandwich was good.  The spring mix was sufficiently fresh and not wilted.  The tomato was under-ripe, but no worse than general expectations.  On a whole, this tasted better than a lot of veggie burgers I’ve made from the frozen aisle, and it was better than I recall the Burger King veggie burger being.  While not enough to compel me to start eating at Wendy’s on a regular basis, if on a road trip or at an airport and they had this option I would definitely take it.

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