Ladies Lunch: Hanjip BBQ
Korean BBQ

I live right by Koreatown, where I’ve eaten my fair share of incredible Korean BBQ.  Hanjip opened in Culver City last November – and the promise of high quality ingredients from restaurant folks I greatly admire (Seoul Sausage, Terrine, Viviane)Continue Reading

Count Words, Not Calories
Lean Cuisine Diet Filter

As I mentioned in early January, I’ve had the Lean Cuisine #WeighThis Diet Filter attached to my computer, and my cable box, for the last month.  It’s been an interesting experiment, especially since my own blog is responsible for the wordContinue Reading

Button Mash
Lynn Chen

GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some posts warrant this many exclamation points!!!!!!! Button Mash!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already knew I’d love it even before they opened, because the menu is from my friends Nguyen and Thi (of Starry Kitchen) and I happily eat everything theyContinue Reading